Fun Indoor Team Building Ideas That Your Company Should Try

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Team building activities have a lot of benefits.

They help promote teamwork and cooperation within the office, help improve communication, as well as minimize any possible conflicts between workmates. Not to mention, effective team building sessions helps boost the overall morale of the employees – making the entire office more productive.

However, most people tend to have the idea that team building activities equates to tons of time, money and planning spent in the outdoors – a myth we plan to shoot down.

Get inspired from these 5 ideas below as we show you that it is possible to run a team building activity effectively indoors:

1. Escape rooms

It’s been a couple of years since escape rooms became the trend, and still, it remains as a popular indoor team building activity among offices, and for good reason – escape rooms are the perfect avenue to get colleagues to try and work together outside of the work setting.

Escape rooms are great for assessing just how well an office works together. If team members find themselves unable to collaborate to solve a problem – then this might raise some cause for concern of possible issues that need to be addressed.

2. Bowling

Bowling nights have been a staple amongst circle of friends for years – so how does it sound for organizing one for the entire office?

Having a ball and beer in hand helps create a relaxing atmosphere, while also helping create bonds between teammates. Of course, if there’s a skill discrepancy between players, do make sure to adjust. Pair skilled bowlers with novices and try not to make the goal about winning. Instead, make the point of incorporating several elements that every individual can participate in and enjoy. But then again, a little bit of competition never hurts.

3. Laser tag

Give your employees a chance to shoot each other without getting into trouble by having them play laser tag.

Especially after sitting down in the office all day – there is no better way to work up a good sweat than running around trying to gain points by bringing down fellow colleagues in a fun and carefree environment. Have we also mentioned that there is relatively little danger of anyone getting hurt in a game of laser tag?

Another popular option that has been all the rage is archery tag – it’s equally exciting, heart-pumping and engaging – guaranteed to bring a team closer together in just one game.

4. Scavenger hunts

Indoor activities don’t always have to be at another location. Sometimes, all you need is just around the corner.

Leave a trail of riddles and clues for the entire office to solve and follow in order to find the hidden treasure.

These hunts make for an alternative team building activity that can help keep everyone in the office on their toes and get those brain juices flowing, all while seeing the surroundings of the office in a fresh perspective.

Split the office into teams and watch as the madness ensues.

5. A cook-off

It doesn’t necessarily have to be a competition, but as mentioned earlier, it doesn’t hurt to try and incentivize people for trying their best.

Either way, cooking together as an office is a great way to bring everybody together. There probably isn’t a single person in the world that doesn’t love good food. Paired with stimulating conversation and some experimentation – a cooking adventure makes for a great team-building event for any kind of workplace.

As you can see, there are plenty of indoor team building activities that you can organize for your entire office. Make sure to give all of them a shot!