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Why Floorball?

Floorball is an easy sport to start playing that requires no prior experience to enjoy the game. Beginners can learn and develop floorball skills quickly and almost everyone can learn the basic skills of the sport and have fun while playing. As the pace of the game increases the game becomes more challenging and requires more advanced ball handling, shooting and passing skills. Floorball can be played both by girls and boys, women and men equally. A great benefit is that the physical factors of the player do not decide how good the player is. The speed of the player is not everything, since the ball still moves faster, giving space also for analytical players.


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Learn the importance of teamwork as players work together to emerge as victors in friendly competition.


Players will have to learn how to communicate effectively with each other in our fast-paced games.


Take this opportunity to learn more about your teammates through our highly interactive series of games.


Floorball Game Modes

We have an exciting line up of game modes that will add variety to your event.

Knock Out



All players are gathered in the centre circle. Every player must have a ball and a stick. Player who gets knocked out waits outside the circle until the game is over. The team that is left within the circle wins.

Learning outcome

  • This floorball game helps teams to understand each other's strengths and weaknesses, thereby prioritizing job scopes suitable for each individual.




Players will choose their fixed positions throughout the arena within 30 secs. The facilitator will release 1 ball every 30 seconds. Players are not allowed to move from their spot. Players pass the ball around and score into the goal post.

Learning outcome

  • Create deep bonds amongst team mates as players work together to accomplish the common objective.




Players choose their positions along the marked lines. Players are only allowed to move along the lines. Players will keep scoring until the time limit. The facilitators will release one ball upon every goal.

Learning outcome

  • By practicing strategic planning, teams will learn how to react as a team to unexpected situations during gameplay.




Participants will play against each other in the normal floorball game to see who has mastered the fundamentals the best.

Learning outcome

  • By practicing strategic planning, teams will learn how to react as a team to unexpected situations during gameplay.

Raving Reviews

We're the best in the business when it comes to Bubble Soccer team bonding programmes.

Based on 783 reviews
Meldie Ria Estrella Dalisay
Meldie Ria Estrella Dalisay
I recently had the pleasure of organizing an event with Cohesion.sg, and it was an unforgettable experience! We opted for their laser tag and telematch activities, which were fantastic.The laser tag experience was exhilarating, and the telematch activities were equally impressive. These games not only entertained us but also brought our team closer together, making them excellent for team building. The variety of games ensured that there was something for everyone, and it was wonderful to see our team members working together and having so much fun.A special shoutout to Ian, who coordinated everything seamlessly. Jean, our facilitator, did a great job explaining the rules and ensuring that everyone had a great time.
Tiny Mountains
Tiny Mountains
Had a blast with Cohesion 🙂 Planned for an archery tag team bonding event. Ian was very prompt from the moment we enquired, and the pair of facilitators (led by Jean) were great! The whole team enjoyed themselves, and the whole team bonding event went smoothly. Would recommend engaging them, and will check out bubble soccer next!
We had an amazing company team bonding session last week arranged by cohesion Singapore! Special mention to Ian who helped to make all the arrangements and activities details confirmations. He was also super prompt in his responses to all my queries! I felt very assured that the activity will go well without any issues.On the event day itself, the two facilitators were incredible as well at facilitating both the mini telematch games and archery tag. They gave super clear instructions and ensured the safety of all participants while making sure everyone have fun as well. It definitely brings out the competitiveness and excitement in everyone. We couldn't have asked for a better experience.The pre-arranged chartered bus option was a huge plus as well! Which helped a lot in our logistics planning. The wide range of activities to chose from were a highlight too! Highly recommend to anyone looking for a fun filled and affordable team bonding activity in Singapore! Thank you cohesion... team!read more
Andrea Chong
Andrea Chong
Happy to have booked with Cohesion for our team event! We had planned for 1 hour in the bubble football to which they also included more fun games (e.g. dodgeball & invasion). The additional games added a whole new level of excitement to our event, making it even more memorable. A big shoutout to the facilitators at Cohesion who ensured our team had a fantastic time. Thank you, Cohesion, for providing such an outstanding experience for our team. We can't wait to book with you again in the future!
Chuah Hui Qing
Chuah Hui Qing
Huge thank you to the Cohesion team for making this whole experience super fuss-free and enjoyable!We organised a company Laser Tag event on 10May2024. Our facilitators (Jean and Raimi) made the game super fun and it was definitely a good workout session for everyone. The game duration was just nice as well~I would like to extend my thanks to Ian who was super patient in answering all our questions. Would definitely recommend Cohesion!
Caroline Chaux-Moulin
Caroline Chaux-Moulin
They organised an archery tag session for the birthday of my son. Kids were very happy, the organisation was very nice and the facilitators were very friendly ! The exchanges I had beforehand to organise all this were simple and efficient. I recommand !

Floorball Programme

Each floorball teambuilding session begins with an introduction to Floorball. Participants will learn the basics on how to hold the floorball stick, the rules of the games as well as basic ball handling skills. After the warm up segment, participants will be engaged in 3 highly engaging and fun game modes, Knock Out, Pinball and Foosball. These game modes will foster team spirit and bonding amongst the participants.

The 4th and final game mode would be the finale where players will apply what they have learned in an adrenaline-pumping and fast-paced floorball match.


Case Studies

Take a look at our past events that we have done to see if we're a good fit for your team. We're a company that places our customer's experience as foremost in our events and we want to replicate the same Cohesion experience for you.

Floorball is a great sport that is face paced and builds up team spirit. But with any event, be it team building events or casual gatherings, the facilitators, logistics and planning all has to come together to ensure any event will become a smashing success.

AirBNB Teambuilding Event

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Package Pricing

Starts from $15/pax

Whether you're looking to organise a team building event, casual gathering or birthday party, we have different packages that caters to any budget.

Basic Package: If you're looking for something with no-frills, this is the package for you! This package is perfect for any small gatherings that you're looking to host and is guaranteed to have lots of fun and team bonding.
Standard Package: The Standard Package is an interactive game that combines the basic Floorball package with our other awesomely fun games thus creating a fun-filled team building event with lots of variety for your participants.
Full Package: Our Full Package is for clients looking for that special oomph to their Floorball event. Choose either the Basic or Standard team bonding format and combine it with a premium and unique BBQ experience after. We promise your team will be amazed by the whole affair and have a ball of a time.


  • Min Duration 1 Hour
  • Min of 8 Pax
  • 2 Facilitators
  • 1 equipment set includes:
    10 Floorball Sticks
    1 Floorball Ball
    2 Floorball Goalposts
    Photography (mobile phone)

    Locations: Our premise at Kallang

    Add-ons Available: Catering, Corporate Gifts, Sound System, Bus Transport

From $20/pax Book Now


  • Everything in Full Basic Package
  • Add On More Games for Variety
  • Interactive Tournament Format
  • Fully Tailored Team Building Specifications
Tailored Price Talk to Us

Full Package

  • Choose Either Basic or Standard Package
  • Choice of Premium BBQ Session after Event
  • Choice of Premium On-Site Pizza Session after Event
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Some frequently asked questions by customers.

What is Floorball?

Floorball is a popular sport that is played in a similar way to hockey but the stick and ball used is much lighter. It can be played as a great team building tool as Floorball requires teamwork and coordination to score a goal.

How much do your Floorball packages cost?

Cohesion offers Floorball packages at highly competitive rates in Singapore. This is a great game for ages above 10 years old. Start a full package with prices from only $20/pax. Contact us via the booking form for more information!

How many days in advance must I order?

We recommend having at least 3 working days to confirm a booking.

Can I do a last minute booking?

If your booking is 2-3 days away, you can write in to [email protected] to check if we are able to take the booking.

Do you organise Floorball sessions at my own location in Singapore?

As Floorball requires specialised equipment and set up, we are only able to host Floorball team building events at our own premises.

Do you offer Floorball for children?

Yes! Our facilitators are trained to handle children and Floorball is a great sport for children to learn teamwork and build their confidence. This is an activity that would be great fun for birthday parties, celebration or carnival activities.

How many people can play at one time?

We are able to host up to two Floorball arenas for your team building event. Each arena can cater up to 12 players at one time playing a 6 versus 6 game.

How should I dress for Floorball?

Do come in comfortable sports attire with covered shoes. For players wearing spectacles, do consider using contact lenses as a precautionary measure as your spectacles may drop during the game. Sharp objects such as jewelry are a safety hazard and must be taken out before the Floorball activity starts.

How long is one round of Floorball?

You can expect one round to lasts around 10 minutes long. However, we usually work with clients to tailor the round duration if required to meet your team building objectives.

Is Floorball dangerous?

We pride ourselves in being highly experienced in team building activities in Singapore. Rest assured that there is strong emphasis on safety for your players. There is also a mandatory safety briefing by our 2 facilitators prior to the game session. Henceforth, our facilitators will oversee and remind players on the safety rules. We also have a first aid kit at all our events.


The Benefits of Floorball

Cohesion’s Floorball team building programme is able to develop teamwork, communication and bonding in a fun and safe way. These qualities will be developed during the games and are advantageous for the workplace environment and beyond.


In our Floorball team building events, participants are required to be in groups. They will need to work together effectively as a team achieve the game objectives. Players will be able to develop the essential teamwork qualities needed to come out as winners in the friendly competition.


When you play our Floorball game modes with your team, players will be required to communicate effectively in a fast-paced environment in order to win the game. Players can expect to improve their communication skills with their teammates and as a result navigate the challenges and emerge as winners.


At Cohesion, we aim to help our clients forge lasting bonds when they participate in our Floorball game. Participants can use this opportunity to learn more about their teammates by working with them and also through our highly interactive series of games.


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