Archery Tag


Archery Tag is a great way to bond with others through playing a stimulating and highly competitive adaptation of Dodgeball. To play Archery Tag, players use bows to eliminate opponents by shooting them with safe foam tipped arrows.



Learn the importance of teamwork as players work together to emerge as victors in friendly competition.


Players will have to learn how to communicate effectively with each other in our fast-paced games.


Take this opportunity to learn more about your teammates through our highly interactive series of games.


Game Modes

Players will have to successfully shoot their opponents with an arrow which will cause the opponent to be eliminated. If a player manages to catch the arrow with his hands or knock out a foam target, he will be able to revive an eliminated player. To win, teams can either eliminate all the opponents or successfully knock out 5 foam targets placed in the center of the playing arena.



A usual session starts off with a introduction to Archery. Participants will be able to learn how to hold a bow properly, the proper stances and posture and the correct nooking procedures.

Subsequently, participants will put their learning to the test in an exciting game of Archery Tag. The rules and gameplay will be briefed to the participants on the day itself.



Our pricing for Archery Tag in Singapore starts from $25/pax excluding location cost at The Cage at Kallang.


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