Guide To Different Types Of Team Building Activities


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Most companies or almost all of them usually rely on team building activities to foster stronger relationships between colleagues and these are some of the most commonly organized events in the current corporate domain.

Team building is a diverse department with a broad variety of methods that cater to an even wider range of organizations. Some are merely focused on establishing bonds between co-workers, while others aim to teach transferable skills that employees can draw upon in their natural working environments.

Below, we recommend a few specific team building activity types that you can try out in your next event with your company.

Outdoor Games

Many team bonding activities take place outdoors, as this provides a change of environment to make it easier for individuals to relax. These come in all kind of forms from laser tag, archery tag to orienteering and the most popular and common pick among all, treasure hunts.

Some of the simpler games are purely to build up relationships within a team and help ‘break the ice’ for newcomers. Treasure hunts are well liked, and unlike treasure hunts you had as a child, they are far more sophisticated and require logical thinking and teamwork to complete them.

They can make use of several different locations and settings and work with groups of all sizes. It is usually a good idea to have an outdoor team building company organize your events for you as they will have access to all the necessary equipment, materials, and safety procedures needed to make this a successful day. The specialist companies will also be able to provide you with whatever that you need to suit your individual needs and great experiences for the outcome you wish to achieve.

Creative Thinking Activities

Other team building activities encourage staff members to explore their creative and experimental sides.

Musical instruments are frequently used, but cooking is often one of the best exercises to try. Participants can enjoy working together in teams to create and cook excellent food. Once the task is finished, everyone can sit down and enjoy a nice meal together.

Communication Exercises

Communication exercises are also powerful kinds of team building activities. You can give your teams specific problems which can only be resolved by communication.

There are many games that can only be solved through dialogue so simply select one and provide them with a troubling situation and tell them to come up with ideas on how to cope and solve the problem, and then present their strategy in front of everyone.

Travel & Volunteering Experience

Going abroad as a team and incorporating volunteerism in your next team bonding activity creates an experience that will the relationship between colleagues to a greater height.

Besides sightseeing and climbing volcanoes, it also gives the team something they can be proud of after accomplishing the task together. Incorporating volunteer time into the tourism experience leaves the host community better and stronger than it was before and it really is a wonderful feeling for the team.

Not to mention, it’s also something people want to hear about and taking part in it not only elevates your employee’s vision of the company, but your clients’ and the community’s as well.


There are various types of team building activities that you can organize and plan for your employees that can improve the team spirit, and motivate them to work better in pairs.

It is always a great idea to do these activities before a project, instead of just putting people in a group, and pushing them to work collectively. Once you have discovered the most productive team building activities, you will surely have a stronger and tighter team.