Bubble Soccer


Cohesion proudly presents one of the most entertaining, enjoyable, and exciting games to you! In our Bubble Games, players put on giant inflatable Bubble suits which allows them to bump, bounce, and roll around the playing arena gleefully and safely! With four game modes that involve teams working together and strategising the best game plan to win, players will have to communicate effectively and work well as a team.

As a sports event company in Singapore with affordable game prices, Cohesion aspires to provide our clients with a memorable and exhilarating time while they engage in our activities. Our Bubble Games combine the sporting aspect of football with the unadulterated fun of being a bubble, ensuring you’ll break a sweat while having the time of your lives!

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Meihua Lu
Meihua Lu
08:54 10 Dec 19
Charles-Etienne Houssa
Charles-Etienne Houssa
08:53 10 Dec 19
Did Laser tag. Good company team building event with fun games. Professional team. Would recommend!
08:53 10 Dec 19
Good fun & great half day teambuilding activity.
Charu Kapoor
Charu Kapoor
08:52 10 Dec 19
Very good!
ayeaye aung
ayeaye aung
08:52 10 Dec 19
derek tan
derek tan
08:51 10 Dec 19
Very fun to play as a group, great workout!
08:51 10 Dec 19
sundar rajan
sundar rajan
08:50 10 Dec 19
Thanks for the awesome experience
Waiye Lai
Waiye Lai
05:00 07 Dec 19



Learn the importance of teamwork as players work together to emerge as victors in friendly competition.


Players will have to learn how to communicate effectively with each other in our fast-paced games.


Take this opportunity to learn more about your teammates through our highly interactive series of games.


Game Modes

We have an exciting line up of game modes that will add variety to your event.

Bubble Dodgeball is all about strategy and physical prowess combined as participants try and eliminate each other by knocking each other down.
Bubble Invasion requires teams to come up with a plan on how to bring their team and invade the opponent’s territory. The team that manages to invade the fastest wins!
Bubble Captain is the ultimate battle of brains as participants have to devise a strategy to get their captain from their base to the enemy’s base. Teams must defend their own base at the same time!
A test of physical endurance, Bubble Soccer involves trying to get the soccer ball into the goal, while donning giant inflatable suits at the same time! Definitely not for the faint at heart.

Bubble Soccer Programme

At Cohesion Singapore, we aim to host a game experience that is enjoyable and memorable. Our Bubble Football team building sessions with a warm-up game of Bubble Dodgeball before going into two strategy games that are then followed up by the actual Bubble Football game. Participants will be divided into groups and will have to coordinate a game plan that will help them win before Bubble Invasion and Bubble Captain starts.


Case Studies

We have been experience makers for 3 years. Through leveraging on our people, our experience as well as supplier networks, we are able to create affordable yet great events for people looking to have a great time.

We were one of the first companies to bring Bubble Soccer into Singapore under the brand Bubble Soccer Singapore. Over the years we have developed different game modes and variations that have been proven to be great fun and help with team building. Through our experience, we are able to help facilitate a safe and enjoyable session for you and your friends or colleagues. There is no better way to experience Bubble Soccer except through the Cohesion team.

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Starts from $300 for an hour inclusive of location cost at The Cage at Kallang.


Bubble Football Benefits

Bubble Football is one of the most challenging and intensive games, as players often need good communication, teamwork, and coordination skills to beat the opposing team. Participants in the game can train and develop a few skills that can be beneficial even in the outside world.


An essential part of the Bubble Soccer game is working as a unit to attack or defend while dribbling the football. To do this, they will need a good level of teamwork as they navigate around teammates and opponents to win. As it can be difficult to work as a team because each player is in a bubble, they will have to try various ways to work together, enabling them to develop their teamwork skills.


Cohesion’s Bubble Games relies heavily on good communication between players to achieve victory. Players may find it challenging to give commands or communicate effectively with each other, so it’s important for them to discuss their intentions well in a team meeting before the game starts. This process can help them work on their communication skills for the fast-paced game.


Our fun-filled Bubble Games are designed to foster bonds among teammates as they work together to overcome their opponents and win. Through this process, they are able to learn and understand more about each other.


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