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At Cohesion Singapore, we take pride in providing an exciting and competitive laser tag game for corporate team building, parties, gatherings or NS cohesions. Take a break from the monotony of office routine and engage in some quality time with your team by tagging it out in an interactive game of laser tag. Players will attempt to score points by tagging their opponents and targets with a laser gun.

Our laser tag activity is one of the best games to play as a group, as it’s the closest thing you can have to make your video game experience come to life. Cohesion is dedicated to ensuring that your laser tag experience will be as fast-paced and thrilling as possible while maintaining a safe environment be it indoors or outdoors.

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xing ma
xing ma
10:06 10 Sep 19
Joyce Zheng
Joyce Zheng
10:05 10 Sep 19
Jonethan Lee
Jonethan Lee
10:03 10 Sep 19
Great fun! Needs more battle music! But we managed to spill blood of those pesky Orcs. Thanks Jo and and Dan for summoning gandAlf the White to save us
Khim Yeo
Khim Yeo
11:40 06 Sep 19
Great Activity
Nikki Delfin
Nikki Delfin
11:39 06 Sep 19
awesome experience! the staffs are very friendly!
Wendell Real
Wendell Real
11:38 06 Sep 19
Ali Duyyadi
Ali Duyyadi
11:37 06 Sep 19
Yes we heaving fun especially on the Archery
Hafez Mohd
Hafez Mohd
11:36 06 Sep 19
Fun and exciting!!! Friendly staff!!! Kudos!!!
Ng kim yeong
Ng kim yeong
11:35 06 Sep 19
Nice place for team building



Learn the importance of teamwork as players work together to emerge as victors in friendly competition.


Players will have to learn how to communicate effectively with each other in our fast-paced games.


Take this opportunity to learn more about your teammates through our highly interactive series of games.


Game Modes

We have an exciting line up of game modes that will add variety to your event.

In Team Deathmatch, teams will vye head to head against each other and attempt to eliminate as many opponent team members as possible. Teams will learn the importance of teamwork through working together as one unit.
Teams will have to compete against each other to capture the opponent’s flag and bring it back to their homebase. For every flag that is captured, teams will be given clues which they will need to use to solve the final puzzle.
Teams will have to nominate one team member as the VIP of their team. The objective of both teams is to eliminate the VIP member. The VIP member will be given more lives that normal members and teams will have to strategize carefully to figure out the best way to eliminate the VIP. Once the VIP is eliminated, the team will be given a puzzle to solve while still having to defend their VIP against attackers. The winning team will be the team that is the first to complete the puzzle challenge.

Laser Tag Programme

At Cohesion, we don’t just plan a simple game of Laser Tag; we aspire to create a bonding exercise through it. Through our comprehensive and thrilling game modes, our facilitators seek to provide an unforgettable time for the participants.

A Cohesion Singapore Laser Tag session begins with an introduction to Laser Tag, followed by a safety briefing. Subsequently, participants will engage in their respective Laser tag games. There will be three game modes played: Team Deathmatch, Capture The Flag, and Attack the VIP. The rules and gameplay will also be briefed to the participants before the games begin.

So, don’t be hesitant to try our cheap and exciting Laser Tag games! Contact us to know more about the availability of our Laser Tag sessions, prices, and to make any other enquiries.


Case Studies

We take great pride in the events that we organise and seek to make every experience an enjoyable and memorable time with colleagues. From Team Building exercises to Cohesions, the Cohesion team is here to help make you event stand out.

Laser Tag is a team activity which is friendly to both young and old and it is less physically intensive as compared to our other adventure games. We embrace diversity and collaboration by making people strategise and work together through our different game modes that are designed to be safe yet fun.

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Starts from $25/pax exclusive of location cost at The Cage at Kallang.


The Benefits of Our Laser Tag Game

Cohesion’s Laser Tag game presents many benefits for our participants when they engage in the activity. These benefits can be essential for participants as they are able to develop and use these skills in the workplace and beyond.


As our laser tag game requires participants to be in groups, it’s essential that they work together efficiently as a team to achieve their objectives. Players are then able to develop better teamwork to come out as victors in the friendly competition. This activity can also help to nurture teamwork skills that can contribute to the productivity in the professional environment.


Cohesion’s Laser tag game is a fast-paced activity that requires quick decision-making skills along with clear and effective communication. Participants will be able to learn how to communicate with each other effectively to achieve victory in the competition.


An essential aim in our Laser Tag games is to foster strong bonds among participants in the teams, helping them connect with each other better. As the players engage in friendly competition, they can develop more familiarity, understanding, and trust with each other, allowing them to bond as individuals and as a team.


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