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Why Laser Tag?

At Cohesion Singapore, we take pride in providing an exciting and competitive laser tag game for corporate team building, parties, gatherings or NS cohesions. Take a break from the monotony of office routine and engage in some quality time with your team by tagging it out in an interactive game of laser tag. Players will attempt to score points by tagging their opponents and targets with a laser gun.

Our laser tag activity is one of the best games to play as a group, as it’s the closest thing you can have to make your video game experience come to life. Cohesion is dedicated to ensuring that your laser tag experience will be as fast-paced and thrilling as possible while maintaining a safe environment be it indoors or outdoors.

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Team Benefits


Learn the importance of teamwork as players work together to emerge as victors in friendly competition.


Players will have to learn how to communicate effectively with each other in our fast-paced games.


Take this opportunity to learn more about your teammates through our highly interactive series of games.


Game Modes

We have an exciting line up of game modes that will add variety to your event.




As an elite team in the secret service, you have to keep your nation safe from a hostile threat. Time is of the essence soldier. Work together with your team to eliminate as many enemy team players as possible within the allocated time.

Learning outcome

  • Understanding your team's strength and weakness is an important first step to forming strong teams. This Laser Tag game will create a better understanding within your team and result in your team being able to assign the right job scopes to the person most suited for the task.
  • Practice and build team dynamics with your team members while you're planning out cunning strategies to best the other team!




Teams will select designated players to enter the battleground. The last player standing will win their team the match point.

Learning outcome

  • Regardless of how long you've known your team, every team needs constant engagement with each other to be a tight-knitted operation. This game mode is an opportunity to build deep bonds amongst team mates as players work together to accomplish the common objective.
  • On top of practical skills, your team will be able to become much closer as a cohesive unit during this team building game mode.

Capture The Flag



Each team has a flag which symbolises their nation's freedom. Teams will have to compete against each other to capture the opponent’s flag and bring it back to their homebase. Teams can only start to capture the flag after a certain number of players have been killed. If a player is tagged out while carrying the flag, the flag has to be returned to the enemy base.

Learning outcome

  • By practicing strategic planning, teams will learn how to react as a team to unexpected situations not unlike the real life during gameplay.
  • Every strong team requires strong communication skills within its members. Test how well your team communicate and interact with each other during this Laser Tag game mode and emerge as a much more stronger team after.

Protect The VIP



There is a VIP that your team has to protect at all costs. Teams will have to nominate one team member as the VIP of their team. The objective of both teams is to eliminate the VIP member. Once the other team's VIP is eliminated, the game is over.

Learning outcome

  • This exciting Laser Tag game helps your team understand each other better, thereby prioritizing job scopes suitable for each individual.
  • Create deep bonds amongst team mates as players work together to accomplish the common objective.
  • By practicing strategic planning, teams will learn how to react as a team to unexpected situations during gameplay.

Raving Reviews

We're the best in the business when it comes to team building programmes.

Based on 776 reviews
Caroline Chaux-Moulin
Caroline Chaux-Moulin
They organised an archery tag session for the birthday of my son. Kids were very happy, the organisation was very nice and the facilitators were very friendly ! The exchanges I had beforehand to organise all this were simple and efficient. I recommand !
They organised an archery tag session for the birthday of my son. Kids were very happy, the organisation was very nice and the facilitators were very friendly ! The exchanges I had beforehand to organise all this were simple and efficient. I recommand !
Michelle Lee
Michelle Lee
I want to extend my gratitude to Ian for his exceptional responsiveness and smooth transaction process. He promptly addressed all my inquiries, and the option to pay via credit card, despite the 4.5% processing fee, made the transaction hassle-free.Special thanks to Jean for facilitating such a fun bubble soccer event for my boyfriend's birthday. Despite the hot weather causing discomfort inside the bubbles after just 30 minutes, the guys thoroughly enjoyed the experience. We initially booked 2 hours, with one dedicated to bubble soccer, but they graciously allowed us to use the pitch for regular soccer as well, accompanied by music playing through the speakers connected to the pitch.The presence of a restroom within the pitch area was incredibly convenient, and being situated at pitch 1 with vending machines nearby was a bonus, especially for quenching our thirst post-activity. However, discovering the container shop offering $1 mineral water between the pitches only upon... departure was a missed opportunity, as the vending machines lacked this option.Overall, it was a fantastic experience, and I highly recommend this event planning company for their excellent service and more
Julieana Binte Suhaimi
Julieana Binte Suhaimi
Thank you to the team team for the wonderful session at The Cage earlier today. Special mention to Nurin who facilitated our Archery Tag experience. It was great how she would accommodate our needs and requests, demonstrating her professionalism as a game facilitator. Recommended for big group cohesion/bonding sessions!
Syafiq Danial
Syafiq Danial
The event went well, extremely well, good feedbacks for the facilitators and conduct. Equipment and facility was safe to use and functional. All in all, all participants had fun and we managed to achieve our cohesion objectives; which is to strengthen our cohesiveness and all participants safe at the end of the conduct. With that said, it was a job well done. Please extend our thanks to the 2 wonderful facilitators that helped today. Also, thank you Ian for making this event possible.
Jianyu Loh
Jianyu Loh
Their services were top-notch from the start to finish. If you’re looking for an unforgettable, action-packed adventure with friends or colleagues, I wholeheartedly recommend giving Cohesion SG a try. You won’t be disappointed!

Laser Tag Programme

At Cohesion, we don’t just plan a simple game of Laser Tag; we aspire to create a bonding exercise through it. Through our comprehensive and thrilling game modes, our facilitators seek to provide an unforgettable time for the participants.

We begin the session with an introduction to Laser Tag, followed by a safety briefing. Subsequently, participants will engage in their respective Laser tag games. There will be three game modes played: Team Deathmatch, Capture The Flag, and Attack the VIP. The rules and gameplay will also be briefed to the participants before the games begin.

So, don’t be hesitant to try our highly affordable and exciting Laser Tag games! Contact us to know more about the availability of our Laser Tag sessions, prices, and to make any other enquiries.


Case Studies

We take great pride in the events that we organise and seek to make every experience an enjoyable and memorable time with colleagues. From Team Building exercises to Cohesions, the Cohesion team is here to help make you event stand out.

Laser Tag is a team activity which is friendly to both young and old and it is less physically intensive as compared to our other adventure games. We embrace diversity and collaboration by making people strategise and work together through our different game modes that are designed to be safe yet fun.

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Laser Tag
Package Pricing

Starts from $15/pax

Whether you're looking to organise a team building event, casual gathering or birthday party, we have different packages that caters to any budget.

Basic Package: If you're looking for something with no-frills, this is the package for you! This package is perfect for any small gatherings that you're looking to host and is guaranteed to have lots of fun and team bonding.
Standard Package: The Standard Package is an interactive game that combines the basic Laser Tag package with our other awesomely fun games thus creating a fun-filled team building event with lots of variety for your participants.
Full Package: Our Full Package is for clients looking for that special oomph to their Laser Tag event. Choose either the Basic or Standard team bonding format and combine it with a premium and unique BBQ experience after. We promise your team will be amazed by the whole affair and have a ball of a time.


  • Min Duration 1 Hour
  • Min of 8 Pax
  • 2 Facilitators
  • 1 equipment set includes:
    10 Laser Guns
    Bunkers / Obstacles
    Photography (mobile phone)

    Locations: The Cage at Kallang, The Cage at Turf City or Client's Premise

    Add-ons Available: Catering, Corporate Gifts, Sound System, Bus Transport

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  • Everything in Full Basic Package
  • Add On More Games for Variety
  • Interactive Tournament Format
  • Fully Tailored Team Building Specifications
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Full Package

  • Choose Either Basic or Standard Package
  • Choice of Premium BBQ Session after Event
  • Choice of Premium On-Site Pizza Session after Event
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Some frequently asked questions by customers.

What is Laser Tag / Laser Quest?

Laser Tag Singapore is a exciting, fast-paced game that has various game modes. You use high tech guns to tag other opponents out using infrared beams.

How much do your laser tag packages cost?

Cohesion offers highly affordable Laser Tag packages in Singapore for all ages. Get a full package which starts from only $15/pax. Contact us via the booking form for more information!

How many days in advance must I order?

We require 3 working days to confirm a booking.

Can I do a last minute booking?

If your booking is 2-3 days away, you can write in to [email protected] to check if we are able to take the booking.

Do you organise Laser Tag sessions at my own location in Singapore?

Definitely! You can choose to have your Laser Tag session at your own location or at one of our partner location around Singapore.

Do you offer Laser Tag for kids?

Yes! We have our standard rifles for adults and smaller pistols for kids. This is highly suitable for any children birthday party, celebration or carnival activity.

How many players can play at one time?

We can create up to 4 Laser Tag arenas for your team. Each arena is a 5 versus 5 arena and that means that up to 40 people can play Laser Tag at one time. Contact us for us to recommend how many arenas is optimal for your team building / bonding event.

What is the dress code for Laser Tag / Quest?

We recommend sports attire with covered shoes. If you're wearing spectacles, you can consider wearing contact lens in case your spectacles falls off during the game. Any sharp objects such as jewelry must be taken out before the Laser Tag game commence.

How long is one round of Laser Tag?

One round lasts around 8-10 minutes long. However we're able to tailor the round duration based on your number of pax to meet your team building objectives.

Is Laser Tag Singapore dangerous?

We're one of the most experienced companies in Singapore when it come to Laser Tag. Before the game starts, there is a mandatory safety briefing by our 2 facilitators, who will also supervise and ensure all safety rules are adhered to during the Laser Tag game. The laser beam from our Laser Tag equipment is safe for the eye. Our facilitators also regularly maintain our equipment to ensure safety for our valued customers.


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    The Benefits of Our Laser Tag Game

    Cohesion’s Laser Tag game presents many benefits for our participants when they engage in the activity. These benefits can be essential for participants as they are able to develop and use these skills in the workplace and beyond.


    As our laser tag game requires participants to be in groups, it’s essential that they work together efficiently as a team to achieve their objectives. Players are then able to develop better teamwork to come out as victors in the friendly competition. This activity can also help to nurture teamwork skills that can contribute to the productivity in the professional environment.


    Cohesion’s Laser tag game is a fast-paced activity that requires quick decision-making skills along with clear and effective communication. Participants will be able to learn how to communicate with each other effectively to achieve victory in the competition.


    An essential aim in our Laser Tag games is to foster strong bonds among participants in the teams, helping them connect with each other better. As the players engage in friendly competition, they can develop more familiarity, understanding, and trust with each other, allowing them to bond as individuals and as a team.



    What is Indoors Laser Tag like?

    If you're considering a fuss-free event that is safe from rain, an Indoor Laser Tag event should be your top pick for a team building game. Our recommend premise would be futsal pitches such as The Cage at Kallang. We will help to set up the indoor arena with our obstacles to ensure players have a fun activity to interact with others.

    Players will try to be victors in the Laser Tag tournament by tagging out opponent players with their Laser Tag rifles while trying to hide from the enemy behind the obstacles that the Cohesion team has set up. If you're looking for an activity that is less physically demanding for your participants, an indoor laser tag format will help limit the amount of running a player needs to do while still having an enormous amount of fun.

    What type of guns do you use for your Laser Tag sessions?

    We have a variety of Laser Tag guns that boasts several features. For children who prefer lighter guns, we have our laser pistols which features feedback when they have been shot. For the adults, we have our top of the range laser rifles where you can tag your opponent from miles away. This makes the gun suitable for for any scenario that you have to face on the battlefield.

    What is Cohesion's Outdoor Laser Tag like?

    Companies that conduct outdoor laser tag events would bring all the necessary equipment and manpower required to the event premise. The equipment used for an outdoor event is specialised as the guns have to perform well even in daylight conditions. A similar version of outdoor laser tag is paintball, where fields or parks are transformed into a life-sized battlefield. Cohesion is able to offer this service as we're a 100% mobile operation and can set up at almost any location.

    How did Laser Tag originate in Singapore?

    Laser Tag has grown to become an incredibly popular team building game in Singapore. It is played with guns that shoots infrared beams which makes it a very form of team building. The history of Laser Tag can be traced back to 1979, with the release of the Star Trek toy gun. Now it has evolved into a high tech game with players donning infrared-sensitive equipment and realistic laser guns.

    These Laser Tag guns use infrared as a way to detect if players have successfully tagged out the opponent player. Players will often work together as a team to strategically shoot or "tag" the opponent until the opponent is removed from the game. The Laser Tag phenomenon is also extremely popular with adults and children of ages as it is a less physically demanding and painless activity as compared to other popular games like Paintball.

    What are the most popular game modes available?

    Many Laser Tag companies practice different styles of conducting Laser Tag games. Generally, most companies would conduct a variant of 3 main game modes which includes, the “capture-the-flag” mode, elimination mode or some form of "mission" objective to complete. All of these modes would feature 2 teams of players that will attempt to tag each other out while trying to accomplish the game objectives. Some popular games includes,

    Capture The Flag: Players have to attempt to retrieve the opponent's flag and bring it back to their own base without being eliminated from the game.
    Elimination Game: Teams will have to race against the clock to eliminate as many opponent players as possible.
    Protect the VIP: A limited time is given to both teams to eliminate the opponent’s VIP. At the same time, they would also have to protect their own VIP from elimination.

    History of Laser Tag

    Laser Tag started in the late 70s and early 80s when the United States army thought of a revolutionary technology for training. Although Laser Tag's original purpose was as an army training tool, it rapidly transformed into a family-friendly activity for all ages. Taking inspiration from Star Trek, Laser Tag made its debut as the “Star Trek Electronic Phaser Guns” set. Subsequently, George Carter III conceptualized a Laser Tag arena using a similar technology and the game's popularity exploded after the first Laser Tag center opened in 1984. Following Laser Tag's rise to popularity during the 1990s, it became a staple activity for birthday parties and other gatherings. As it's popularity grew, various companies started to develop their own versions of this classic game to offer to the public.

    What events are suitable for Laser Tag?

    Laser Tag is enjoyed by many as a game where people can bond over a harmless but exciting activity. The fun enjoyed from this game is multiplied when the group is large and we strongly recommend engaging this game for any birthday parties, school events, carnival games, and team building! On top of it being extremely fun, players will also learn the importance of teamwork, communication and the ability to think out of the box!

    How can I prepare for my Laser Tag session?

    One of Laser Tag's massive appeal is that it is very beginner-friendly! Prior experience is not needed when you're using the laser guns as you can be easily taught how to use the guns proficiently by our experienced facilitators. Players will be given a comprehensive safety and game briefing before the game starts. Furthermore, ample time will be given for you and your team to get familiar to the laser gun before you play the game. While Laser Tag is not a very physically intensive game, we recommend players to have a meal an hour before the game to have enough energy while playing.

    How safe is Laser Tag?

    There is no need for worry as Laser Tag is one of the safest activity that you can enjoy together as a group. It is a painless and less physically demanding game compared to other popular activities like Paintball. This allows players from all fitness levels to enjoy this incredibly fun game. Moreover, Cohesion ensures high safety standards by training every facilitator with our propriety training system. As another safety layer, our facilitators will have to undergo on the job training to accumulate enough experience to manage any kind of difficult situations that they may encounter.