Secret Tips On How You Can Become A Pro At Laser Tag

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Singapore laser tag games are fun. They can be played both indoors and outdoors and are perfect for any age group.

Laser tag, unlike other shooting games, is pain-free and mess-free so you don’t have to worry about soreness, pain, clean up or ruined clothes after playing this game. It is a perfect corporate team building activity in Singapore and pretty easy to get the hang of.

Here is the ultimate guide on how you can become a pro at laser tag in no time!

Scout the battleground

If you can view the battleground before the match begins, it is important to try and memorise key areas, find blind spots, ambush points, and camping areas.

Keep your eyes open and scan every nook and cranny. However, do not take too long scouting as it can make you an easy target!

Do not stand in one place

While this should be the most obvious rule, many people forget about it in the heat of the moment.

Standing in one place makes you a very easy target, and if you do this, it is practically guaranteed that you will get shot. Instead, constantly be on the move and switch positions as it is much harder to hit a moving target than a fixed one.

Playing laser tag can, of course, make you tired and you may want to take a minute to catch your breath. If you need a break, find a good hiding spot from where you can snipe potential shooters.

Walk sideways

The best thing you can do while moving is to walk sideways.

This will make it harder for your opponents to shoot as they have less surface area to hit. Move quickly and smartly until you get to your next point but be careful to not trip over anything or anyone!

Try to get as many kills as you can

It makes no sense to camp and shoot at one or two people that pass by! That is not the point of the game.

Get out there and try to rack up as many kills as you can but be careful. At the end of the day, you will get way more points, and your team would be much more likely to win the game.

Wear dark clothing

If laser tag takes place indoors, the worst thing you can do is wear a light-coloured T-shirt as it makes you an obvious target. Instead wear all black or all dark coloured clothing, including shoes, to blend in as much as possible.

These clothes should also be comfortable as laser tag involves a lot of running, crawling, crouching, ducking, rolling, jumping and more!

You wouldn’t want your motion to be restricted by heels or tight jeans. Your shoes should also be covered and not make a lot of noise like flip flops!

Communicate with team members

To succeed at a game of laser tag, you must find a way to communicate with your team members. Your communication should not be so obvious to the point that the other team can hear your plans.

Instead, have a little team meeting before the game begins. Establish signals such as when you are a friendly, or when an enemy is approaching.

Anyone can become a pro at laser tag. All you have to do is follow these secret tips and watch as your team comes out on top!