How You Can Effortlessly Win At Laser Tag Every Time


Let us be completely honest; we are playing this game to win. While laser tag is among the most amazing team building activities in Singapore, we want our team to come out on top. So, you are here on the internet trying to gain an advantage or upper hand and become triumphant in your upcoming laser tag game.

Well, you have come to the right place. All the tips and tricks below are fool-proof and will guarantee a win every single time! Let’s begin:


Before game day it is important that all team members are aware of the following tricks:

  • Wear all black, or all dark coloured clothing to help hide in the dark room. Avoid light coloured clothing, especially white, because this makes you an easy target
  • Do not wear any clothes that glow in the dark or give off a reflection. This will reveal your, and potentially the whole team’s, position to the enemy side
  • Do not wear any clothing that will make noise when you move. This includes chains, bracelets, slippers, and so on
  • Wear comfortable clothing that will allow you to move freely and quickly
  • Do not eat a heavy meal before that could make you lethargic on the battlefield
  • Do not drink beforehand. This will reduce your reaction time and potentially affect the whole team’s performance
  • Get enough rest. You will need all your strength.


The first thing you need to know is the setup or layout of the battleground. Get someone who is fast and agile to scope out the area and report to the team what they should expect. From there, a battle strategy can be formulated.

Ensure all players on your team is aware of the plan. Take suggestions and adjust the plan accordingly until everyone is on board. The plan should outline each person’s role in the team, communication, where the home base will be, plans of ambush or attack, and even who will fire the first shots.

Enter the battlefield as was planned. Everyone should be in their pre-planned positions and on the lookout for any enemy players.


The battlefield is literally where push comes to shove. This is where all you have prepared for and discussed will come into play. It is up to each and every person on the team to carry their weight in order to guarantee success. Bear these tips in mind:

  • Move swiftly and quietly
  • Move sideways to reduce the chances of getting hit
  • Avoid dead ends
  • Crouch and stoop as much as possible to avoid being spotted
  • Aim for the enemy player’s vest in order to score points
  • Work in unison with teammates and stick to the plan
  • Do not take unnecessary risks for a kill

Once you follow these rules, you and your team are guaranteed to succeed. Be sure to share these hacks with others to see how they fair in their own laser tag games. And remember, the most important thing you should do is try to have fun!