4 Team Building Lessons from a Game of Laser Tag

Mavis LUncategorized

Team building games are meant to be fun while still teaching you a lesson. If all you’re hearing are groans, chances are you’ve picked a boring activity that doesn’t benefit your team at all. It’s important to pick games that you think your team will enjoy and learn something from it. There’s no better way to conduct a team building activity than with many rounds of laser tag. Here are 4 team building lesson you’ll take away from laser tag!

1. Risks are worth taking

Most of us are afraid to take the risk simply because it might end up failing. If you did take the risk, there’s also a possibility that you might succeed in it. So why not just go for it? In every laser tag game, by getting from one wall to another, you risk being shot by your opponents. But maybe, just maybe, this shot was worth taking because you managed to cover your teammate(s) safely to another location! Be the kind of person that would rather die knowing that he failed than think if he had only taken the risk.

2. Teamwork 

It’s impossible for you to run away from working as a team on a project. Like it or not, you have to work with other team members. There’s no ‘I’ in team which means that group projects need to be a team effort. Therefore, in a game of laser tag, you’d be able to hone your teamwork skills. While having everyone’s strengths and weaknesses accessed, you’d be able to delegate and perform to your best ability. For example, attackers to focus on attacking while defenders prevent your attackers from being attacked! It doesn’t matter whether you win or lose as you’re doing this as a team.

3. Spreading positivity

In every game, there’s bound to be a team that wins and one that loses. Through team building games like laser tag, it’s all about not losing faith and spread positivity, knowing that there’ll still a chance to overturn the tables as long as the timer hasn’t gone off! Motivate each other to do better for the next round. You’ll be amazed at how positivity drives the team!

4. Effective communication

Miscommunications happen but it can also be avoided if you learn how to communicate effectively. Laser tag is not just about running around with your laser gun, and shooting aimlessly. There has to be some form of communication and strategising before the start of each game. Come up with a plan on how you would counter your opponent as a team and execute it. If everything goes as planned, it only means that you’ve managed to communicate effectively as the message got across properly.