Health & Fitness Benefits of Laser Tag

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Although most people opt for conventional exercise and sports when it comes to improving their health and fitness, activities such as laser tag are the perfect solution for anyone who prefers a more unique and exciting way to clock in some active hours. While you may think that laser tag is reserved for team building activities or bonding camps, it’s also a fantastic way of achieving a full body workout. And to be very honest, this sounds a lot more fun than hitting the gym.

Intense Cardio Workout

Cardio exercises are activities you do that keeps your heart rate up. Think of it as a HIIT (high-intensity interval training) you do at F45 or Body Fit Training. This helps to deliver oxygens to your cells and help you burn more fat when you’re exercising, and when you’re inactive. Similarly in a game of Laser Tag, you’ll be constantly on the move. This includes short explosive sprints are a must if you want to avoid enemy’s “shots”.

Moving quickly and efficiently is a key aspect of any laser tag strategy. But the added bonus is that it provides you with a consistent and intense cardio workout. So next time when you’re thinking of clocking some run or HIIT hours, you may want to consider Laser Tag for some added fun to your exercise.

Strength Training

Another aspect of getting fit is strength training. This is what helps to improve your muscle strength, flexibility, balance and tone up your body – helping you achieve that summer bod that has been on your New Year’s resolution. At first glance, Laser Tag doesn’t seem to offer much in strength training. However, you’ll find that many of the movements involved in Laser Tag are reminiscent of regular exercises.

Some examples include switching from a crouched stance to standing, which works the same muscles as a squat, and moving from a prone position to standing (and back again), which is similar to a burpee. And while our Laser Tag guns are light and easy to use, your arms will still get a good workout from carrying it with you and aiming.

Positive Impact on Mental Health

In recent years, there has been significant improvements in the awareness of mental health as well as public attitudes towards conditions such as depression and anxiety. For many, exercising has proved to greatly reduce the effect and even curing mental health issues. So here are some reasons why a Laser Tag game can benefit you.

Firstly, it’s the perfect excuse to gather a few friends together for an exciting and hilarious day out. This is ideal for those whose social life has suffered due to their mental health. Additionally, it’s also an effective way of blowing off some steam, improving your overall mood and getting a thorough workout, which will help you sleep better.