Get on board! We are playing archery tag!


What is archery tag?

Archery tag is rapidly gaining popularity as a team building game. Many are finding it challenging yet fun and are incorporating it into their playtime. It is a game that can be played by a small group of people as well as a big group of people, making it popular among friends and during team buildings.

Archery tag is highly favoured because of its simple rules. Participants will be given realistic but safe foam tipped arrows and bows. Players are eliminated once the safe foam-tipped arrows hit them. The aim is to prevent the said arrows from hitting you while trying to hit the others using the arrow.

Cohesion is well-known when it comes to archery tag in Singapore. We provide the best facilitation and equipment for archery tag. Our reasonable pricing for high quality facilitation and equipment has attracted many companies to conduct their team building with us.

Our services

Before you play the game you need to know the skills needed to play to ensure you get the best out of the game. We provide introductory classes whereby our trained facilitators will teach you the skills needed to be an expert archer in the game of archery tag.

We also provide the space and equipment needed to play archery tag in a safe environment. We can also bring the game to your place if you want to conduct this game as part of your team building event or as part of family day celebration.

Apart from that, catering and bus transport services will also be provided upon request to add to your convenience. We are indeed the best when it comes to archery tag in Singapore. Safe, convenient, and reasonably priced are the reasons why Singaporeans love us.
Other than archery tag, we also provide the facilitation and equipment for games such as sword tag, bubble soccer, and laser tag.

Client Testimonial

‘Easy planning of any event! V helpful and prompt service provided. They try to help us and meet our planning needs. Choose an evening time of your event for a cooler weather @Offside though. Relax venue to chill while the kids were at play too’

– Ruth Tan.

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