10 Fictional Characters Who Made Archery Famous

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Ever idolised and wanted to learn archery after seeing how cools your favourite movie character looks when he/she nock their bows? There have been many movies that glorified the sport of archery, so let’s look at the top 10!

1. Robin Hood

There have been so many Robin Hood Characters over the years, so many remakes and interpretations but thankfully the heroic outlaw who steals from the rich to give to the poor has maintained his characters integrity. Robin Hood is a skilled archer and swordsman and his iconic Lincoln green hat, tights and green shirt with a brown leather (or suede) vest has had multiple variations over the years.

2. Katniss Everdeen (The Hunger Games)

Katniss is a character from The Hunger Games, portrayed by Jennifer Lawrence. She volunteered to take her sister’s place in the 74th Hunger games as female tribute from District 12. Katniss survives the Hunger Games and rises as a symbol of hope and rebellion against the evil Capitol. Katniss was a self-taught archer with skills gained from hunting in the woods, which helped her during her tournament win.

3. Hawkeye (The Avengers)

Hawkeye, aka Clinton Barton, is a superhero from Marvel. The character first appeared in 1964 and has been a prominent character ever since. Hawkeye has no special powers like the other Marvel superheroes. Nonetheless, he is a world-class archer and marksman.

4. Legolas (The Lord of the Rings)

Legolas Greenleaf is a Sindarin Elf and appeared in Hobbit and Lord of the Rings. He’s a man with extreme agile and a master of the bow and sword. Played by Orlando Bloom in the recent moves, Legolas used a Mirkwood Long Bow before being gifted the Bow of Galadhrim. One of his more iconic scenes from the Lord of the Rings has got to be the two towers which involves skateboarding down a flight of stairs on the back of a shield while firing off arrows.

5. Cupid

Cupid is the mythological god of desire, love, attraction and affection. He is often depicted with a bow and quiver full of arrows whose wounds inspire love or passion.

6. Green Arrow

Green Arrow is a superhero from DC and first appeared in 1941 in comic book form. Green Arrow (or Oliver Queen) is a billionaire businessman and owner of Queen Industries. He was left stranded on a deserted island for several years where he mastered the art of archery. His costume is commonly compared to that of Robin Hood, just edgier, and he chooses a recurve bow as his weapon.

7. Daryl Dixon (The Walking Dead)

Daryl Dixon is a badass fictional character from the TV Series, The Walking Dead. He survives the zombie outbreak and is critical to the survival of the remaining group due to his expert hunting, tracking and navigating skills. Furthermore, his terrific zombie killing ability is largely credited to the use of his crossbow.

8. Ygritte (Game of Thrones)

Played by Rose Leslie, Ygritte is a major character in the third and fourth seasons of the Game of Thrones series. She is one of the free folks and lives north of the wall, meaning she has needed to develop expert survival and archer skills to stay alive.

9. Neytiri (Avatar)

Neytiri is one of the lead characters from the award-winning Avatar movie released in 2009. The expansion of the mining operation threatens the Na’vi who are a humanoid species native to the planet. The term avatar refers to genetically engineered, controllable Na’vi bodies used by the humans to interact with the natives of Pandora. Neytiri is the princess of the Na’vi Omaticaya Clan and is tasked with teaching Jake Sully with the ways of the Na’vi.

10. Merida (Brave)

Who says Disney movies are all just about the Princesses waiting for the prince charming? Merida from Brave is the first female princess to wield a bow and arrow as her main weapon of choice. She is the true definition of Flower Power as she proves everyone wrong that being a princess does not stop her from being herself with her determination and skills. Definitely one that many girls look up to, Merida might have set a trend among the younger ones to learn Archery as a sport.

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