Work From Home: Don’t Let Zoom Calls Drain You Out

Mavis LUncategorized

While teleconferencing with your team has become the new norm, it has also become a source of stress and fatigue. A research concluded that unlike face-to-face interactions in offices or schools, video calls require us to focus more, and work harder to process non-verbal cues. Additionally, team video calls also heightens our self-consciousness as feel that we are being watched by everyone on the call. This makes exerts pressure on us to “perform”, or feel conscious about how we look or behave. However, fret not! We have consolidated the top 5 tips you can adopt to not let Zoom calls wear you out!

1. Limit video calls if you can

If your call allows for or doesn’t require you to switch on your camera, you may want to consider keeping it off. This way, you’re still able to communicate with your team while having to be less concerned about how you or the other party acts.

2. Take adequate breaks

Don’t push yourself too hard and pack your calls one after another, back to back. Remember to plan for your breaks in between calls. This is when you may want to do some light stretches, grab some snack in the kitchen or engage in some quick and easy exercises for a perk me up!

3. Spend time checking in on people’s wellbeing

While we’re all stuck working remotely for the time-being, we won’t be able to building relationships with our colleagues/employees in the office together through face-to-face interactions, meetings, lunches, and office events. Therefore, perhaps at the start of your call, you may want to incorporate some small 2 minutes talks to ask about what they have been up to at home apart from work. Just some non work-related chit-chats! This not only creates an ease for everyone on the call, but also acts as a simple team building exercise which doesn’t take much time. You’d be surprised how well it helps with team bonding.

Don’t forget, this is a marathon as we do not know how long it’ll take before we all head back to working normally in our offices/schools. Therefore, let’s work as a team to keep our and our colleague’s minds sane during this unprecedented time. While tough times don’t last, tough people do.