Why Non-Conventional Team Building Activities Work

Xavier ChngBlog

Could your business be doing better? Are employees not working optimally? Are productivity and morale low in the office? These are some relatively common problems faced by the typical modern office. A lot of companies fail to address these problems because they don’t realise that the entire office is bonded like a single unit.

Most companies host a team building event every now and then. However, most of them are ineffective. Why is it so? This is because it’s the same thing over and over again.

An effective way for an office to bond is by spending time together outside of the typical office environment, such as taking part in an exciting bubble ball game! However, doing so is much easier said than done. Even with a team-building activity, there’s no guarantee that the level of communication and cooperation within the office will be improved after that.

So, how can we resolve this problem?

There are various ways to go about this dilemma, one of which is to hold non-traditional corporate team building activities in Singapore.

Different = Better

You can’t blame most companies for going with the tried-and-tested route as far as team-building activities go. The only problem with that is, most companies fail to realise the importance of changing things up.

Having a regularly scheduled team building event is great, but if it’s always the same activity, where is the fun in that?

In these cases, anything different is bound to be better, because employees are looking for a different kind of simulation, one from a new activity. Choosing activities such as laser tag and a heart-pumping, archery tag game works wonders for getting everyone pumped!

Go Out and Get Some Sun

Most team building activities are held indoors, or in worse cases, within the typical office setting.

Both are rather counterproductive. No employee would choose to have fun in the same place where they have to be professional and formal all the time. This is why it helps to change things up and take the team bonding activities off the worksite.

These days, there are a wide range of corporate team building activities in Singapore that can be done outdoors. Some of these activities include archery tag and cheap laser tag for companies with a tighter budget!

These activities are great because they are physically intensive. You don’t have to worry about hurting other people since they’re pretty harmless. Also, these activities are usually done outdoors and around nature, which is great for your mental health. This way, you’re hitting multiple birds with one stone with these enjoyable team building activities.

Execution Is Everything

Are you aware why many employees dread team building activities? It’s because the activities are not executed as well as they should be.

It doesn’t matter if it’s non-conventional, or the same old trust falls that you’ve been doing before. The most important thing when planning a team building activity is planning it in consideration of all the employees in mind.

Planning an effective team building activity is less about the activity itself and more about fostering an environment that’s conducive to creating team cohesiveness and cooperation. The key priority should be on finding things to do to bring the entire office together, and not the other way around.