Why Laser Tag Is The Next Big Thing In Team Building


Laser Tag

Lasers and tag.

Those are two things that probably every child dreams of. And as it turns out, it doesn’t just pertain to literal kids because even adults enjoy the combination of both lasers and tags in the form of laser tag.

More and more companies are starting to realise that laser tag can be a good team building activity, and here are a couple of reasons why most are beginning to think that way:

1. Immersive and fun

Team building activities are sometimes immersive, or fun, and sometimes neither, but they are very rarely both. In the case of laser tag, it’s one of the extreme cases where a team building activity becomes both an immersive and fun experience.

There’s nothing more immersive than trying to hide in plain sight so you can shoot at your opponents all while unleashing your inner child.

It’s an experience that will make you forget that this is a team building exercise in Singapore and not just a simple old game.

2. A fresh new experience

Most people have played tag as a kid while some have played with lasers. Laser tag, however, provides a whole different experience.

Laser tag games involve running around with lightweight laser guns and tagging each other.

It’s a fun twist to the plain and simple tag game, making for a fresh and new experience that everyone should try out once.

3. Hassle-free and safe

For something that involves guns, laser tag is relatively safe.

The only danger when it comes to laser tag is the danger from running around. This drawback is quite small in comparison to other team building activities that involve just as much physical activity.

4. A great way to identify leaders among the followers

What makes a leader doesn’t just fall on a person’s qualifications, it’s how they act as a person and how they act when put in a situation.

This makes it quite difficult to find which individuals in the office are the best fit to be leaders.

Games such as laser tag, which involve planning, careful execution, and teamwork, often creates a condition where individuals with natural charisma and leadership skills stand out without much effort.

This makes laser tag team building activities a win-win for companies looking to identify leaders from followers.

5. Stress-relief

Have you ever wanted to shoot an office mate so bad where the only thing stopping you is that it’s illegal?

Jokes aside, the combination of fun, a sweltering-good workout and the fact that you can literally shoot someone without getting into trouble, makes laser tag one of the best ways to relieve stress after a long day at work.

As you can see, laser tag isn’t all just fun and games.

There are some serious benefits to using indoor laser tag in Singapore as your next team building activity.

Another benefit is that you can play it indoors, so there’s no need to keep an eye out for weather changes. You can schedule this activity at any time, and yet, it will still be just as fun for you and your office mates.