Who Can You Play Bubble Soccer With?

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So, you’ve seen a game or two of Bubble Soccer, or participated in your first match of Bubble Soccer at a team building activity. However it may be, you are itching to play. Great! But where do you find the people to play? Although Bubble Soccer is a rather new and small community in Singapore, it is growing rapidly as demand for the sport is rising. Let’s take a look at some ways to find people to join you in a game of Bubble Soccer.

Friends & Family

The simplest way to find people to play Bubble Ball with you is to start with your friends and family. Have we mentioned that Bubble Soccer a great family bonding activity for all ages? A great way to introduce your friends and family to Bubble Soccer is to play a game at a party or gathering at a park or somewhere with a large enough field. Not only is Bubble Soccer a wildly fun game to play, but it is great fun for spectators as well. Everyone is sure to have an amazing time and surely some will walk away with a hunger for more Bubble Soccer gatherings!


As much as you would like, you can’t be having a party with your family every weekend. Great if you can, but what are your options when the party’s over, or if you don’t have enough friends and family to play? Well, who do we spend most of our times with? Bingo, your colleagues! Bubble soccer can actually be a great team building activity for your team. Not only do you guys get a to strengthen you relationship outside of the office, you guys get see that different side of the people you’re working across everyday.

Facebook Groups

If you are reading this article on your computer, phone or tablet, then more likely than not, you are on some platform of social media. Facebook has groups for just about everything. If there isn’t a local Bubble Soccer group on Facebook, then start one. It’s really easy and you will create a great pool for finding people to play Bubble Soccer. Twitter and Instagram are also great places to share your Bubble Soccer experiences with other people and help to generate interest!