What To Do | May 2021 Public Holidays

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YAY! You’ve probably already realised by now that we have 3 public holidays in the month of May. So, how are you going to spend it? Instead of lounging at home, or having your kids spend the public holidays in front of their video games, why not try something fun at Cohesion? Here are some fun ideas suitable for both the adults and kids!

1. Laser Tag

If you, or your kids are obsessed with online video games, then laser tag has got to be one of the best games to play as a group, as it’s the closest thing you can have to make your video game experience come to life. Additionally, this is a thrilling, fast-paced activity that can be placed in both indoors or outdoors.

2. Splash Tag

How about getting a little wet and have fun with some water activities in sunny Singapore? Battling it out with high powered water guns in a thrilling game of Splash Tag! The objective of the game is to attempt to get the enemy as wet as possible. Participants are eliminated when enough water fills up a valve on their vests signalling an elimination for that player.

3. Archery Tag

This thrilling activity combines the sport of Archery with Dodgeball, to create a highly competitive team building activity that’s sure to be fun for everyone. In Archery Tag, players get to live their dream as their favourite movie archers like Robin Hood, Katniss Everdeen (The Hunger Games) and Hawkeye (the Avengers) to use bows to eliminate their opponents by shooting them with safe foam-tipped arrows.

Now that we’ve introduced to you some of the family & friends-friendly games to bond over the public holidays this May, what are you waiting for? Contact us to book your next family fun today!