Top 3 Skills Employers Look for in Candidates

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There are several skills that employers look no matter the position and having these skills help you stand out from the thousands of applications. Certainly, the more relevant your skills are, the more attractive you’ll appear to hiring managers. Albeit there are particular skills needed for different industry and job roles, there are also similar core competencies that span across all professions. Here are 3 most sought-after employability skills that most (if not all) hiring managers look out for in their candidates and how you can brush up on them.

1. Effective Communication

Today, you’ve got to be an effective communicator in essentially any job. Hiring managers often desire team members who can successfully interpret what is being asked of them as well as effectively communicate to others. By now, you should be aware that miscommunication can easily cost a company thousands and even millions of dollars in losses. This is why, you should brush up this skill as we don’t see it leaving this list anytime soon.

While there are courses that teaches you the theoretical part of being a good communicator, why not head on our with your friends to practice it? Engage in a game or two of laser tag or archery tag where you get to hone your communication skills as you share your game plans and strategies to win your opponents. Not only do you get to learn on the field, you get to sweat it out and have some fun with your team members!

2. Leadership

Leadership skills are another soft skill that many employers look for in candidates and that can be helpful at all levels of your career. From managing a team to contributing to a project in a leadership role, leadership skills help you motivate others and ensure tasks are completed in a timely manner.

Likewise, you may choose to engage in adrenaline pumping team building activities such as laser tag and bubble soccer where you get to hone your leadership skills by being actively listening, dependable, give and receive feedback and patience.

3. Teamwork

Teamwork skills are an important asset to any employee who is part of an organization or who works with other individuals in their daily operations. Regardless of your job title or industry, many employers consider teamwork skills a must when reviewing applicants for an open position.

In terms of practicing your teamwork skills, this is easy. You can literally do this in any game, online or on the fields. Collaboration, honesty, communication and responsibility skills can be sharpened in team building activities such as archery tag and bubble soccer!

Cohesion offers a wide range of team building activities that can help you score in the various essential skills employers look for in a fun and relaxing manner. So why pay for certification courses to build your soft skills when you can do so while you can engage in a game of laser tag? Contact us to book for your next team building activities!