Top 3 Lessons Businesses Must Learn from COVID-19 To Grow

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None of us would have imagined a year ago that our everyday work would be done mostly, if not, completely online from home. Even so, we’ve learned we have to adapt. For some of us, this may be the first crisis we’ve faced but none of us can say that COVID-19 had absolutely no impact to them. Let’s do a rundown of what businesses have learnt from the recent pandemic.

Be flexible & act fast

Let’s rewind back to January 2020. A new coronavirus hit China and the country decided to lock down Wuhan. Although it seemed like a faraway, isolated situation but in just few short months, the virus spread all over the world and countries started going into lockdown. Overnight, both big and small businesses were terribly damaged – especially those in the tourism and hospitality industry. Companies had to make swift and decisive decisions. One of which includes employees safety – this meant that businesses had to act fast regarding remote working programs. In the post-COVID world, companies have therefore learned that it always helps to be prepared for the unexpected. As much as we have to admit that this easier said than done, but practice makes perfect! So kill two birds with one stone by engaging in team building activities such as Laser Tag or Archery Tag where they get to hone this skill, and have fun at the same time.

Communication & cooperation is essential

You don’t want your customers to forget about you, or look for an alternative. So, call your most important customers, email others and bring them all some news about your business. Be proactive – make proposals, ask your clients what they need and how you can help. Although, they may not buy something from you right now, show that you are care about them and that you’re available for them anytime. Constantly communicate news about your company, update your website, update your social media pages, create content and show that your business is safe and sound.

Think out of the box & be creative!

Many companies had to reinvent themselves in numerous ways over the years. This includes having to find new channels to interact with the customers, find new market opportunities, create new products to address new needs, modify their manufacturing facilities, find new selling channels or imagine new campaigns and promotions to cope with declining sales. This pandemic was a wake up call that got entrepreneurs understanding that they have to employ creativity and differentiation in everything they do, forcing businesses to get out of their comfort zone. Therefore, engage your team with team building activities such as Laser Tag or Bubble Soccer where they get to think out of the box for innovative strategies.