Top 10 Best Locations to Host your Team Building Event

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Team building events are an essential part of creating a positive and productive work environment. They provide an opportunity for colleagues to interact outside of the typical office setting and form stronger bonds with one another. However, selecting the perfect location for a team building event can be a daunting task. Fortunately, Singapore offers a diverse range of beautiful and unique locations that are perfect for hosting team building events. In this article, we'll take a look at the top 10 best locations in Singapore to host your team building event, and explore the features that make each location ideal for team building activities.

1. Football cages @ Kallang/Turf City

Looking to host any activity that requires a field? Consider booking a football cage at Kallang or Turf City to host any team building activities you may need. Having an indoor football cage provides you with the liberty of hosting many different activities including 5 a side football, Bubble Soccer, Archery tag and Dodgeball. 

It provides the security of weather proofing to ensure that any team building activity you have planned for your company would not be foiled by wet weather


2. SMU

Did you know that bookings are available at the beautiful campus of SMU. Plan your next team building event with SMU in mind, and utilise their beautiful campus to your advantage. From auditorium halls to address a large crowd to an outdoor space, SMU has got you covered.


3. Botanic garden

Have a team that enjoys nature and the rich history of Singapore? 

Botanic gardens might just be the right location for your next team building event. From a simple picnic to an entire exploration journey, botanic gardens offer such a wide variety of unique locations for your team to explore. 


4. Marina bay

Get on the paddling at the beautiful marina bay, and bring your participants to kayaking journeys in the Marina Bay waters. Engage our friends over at Passion Wave to get more information on how you can plan a kayaking journey for your team building participants today!


5. NUS

Organise your next team building event at the renowned National University of Singapore (NUS) by renting out the various school facilities they have to offer. From performing art spaces to open fields NUS has got you covered.


6. Siloso beach sentosa/ Palawan

The Siloso Beach at Sentosa is one of our nation's most beautiful beaches, with a clean environment and beautiful white sand. It is a perfect spot for teams to unwind with a potluck meal and also serves as a great location to host team building activities such as Beach volleyball, football and Frisbee.


7. Marina Barrage

Marina barrage is not just a typical reservoir, but also serves as a beautiful recreational space for people of our nation. Consider visiting Marina Barrage in your next team building outing, and consider the various team building activities you can possibly do. 

From kayaking in the crystal clear water of marina barrage to having a picnic atop the beautiful Marina barrage green rooftop


8. Bishan-Ang Mo Kio park

This park is one of Singapore’s largest parks and is the perfect spot for your next team building event. Featuring many open lawns, Bishan-Ang Mo Kio park is definitely suitable to host a picnic or any fun outdoor activities your team have planned.


9. West coast park

The best from the west? West coast park might just be the perfect location for your next team building event, if your company happens to be located in the West. Choose between many activities such as cycling, volleyball and frisbee. 


10. Pulau Ubin

Have a team filled with nature lovers? Head over to Pulau Ubin and bring your team on a Journey of Lush greenery and nature. From birdwatching to visiting one of the last remaining kampungs in Singapore, Pulau Ubin is perfect for a nature-filled day out.



In conclusion, the location you choose for your team building event is crucial to the success of the event. The location can determine the level of participation and enthusiasm from your team. With the list of top 10 best locations to host your team building event in Singapore, you can be sure to find a suitable location that meets your team's interests and needs. From indoor football cages to beautiful campuses and nature-filled parks, the options are endless. Remember to consider factors such as budget, accessibility, and the purpose of the event when choosing a location. With the right location, you can guarantee an enjoyable and memorable team building event for your company.