This Popular Game Is Getting A Complete Revamp. Check It Out

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Laser Tag, Archery Tag

Laser Tag has been a popular game among millennials for a long time. Like Archery Tag, Laser Tag is safe for players of all ages, mess-free and can be played both indoors and outdoors. In addition to having a great time, players get to enjoy some additional benefits like improved health and social skills. The game has been recognized as a definite way to improve concentration, analytical skills, teamwork, hand-eye coordination, decision powers, and leadership skills. Having identified the effect regular sessions of Laser Tag has on the skills of their employees, huge conglomerate have incorporated the game in their corporate events, employees getaways, and other social events.

Laser Tag is one of the few activities that allow people to work on their personal development while having the time of their life, which is perhaps the major reason for its popularity.

Laser Tag: a famous past time for Singaporeans

Singapore is a nation with many economic activities, and naturally, this means that the population is extremely diverse. Laser Tag is one game that any Singaporean recognizes thanks to famous TV shows and because of this, you will always find a long waiting list for the game in any part of Singapore.

How is Laser Tag changing?

In comparison to the past, the famous game has now completely changed. The equipment is lighter and the arenas can hold more people. Similarly, several types of different game settings can be enjoyed as opposed to a single team battle. A modern Laser Tag game will require the players to have different strategies and challenge them both physically and mentally. Another development that has changed the face of the game is the portability of the equipment. In the past, all the equipment was integrated into the arena and the game was complicated to set up anywhere else. With many companies hosting cheap Laser Tag games in Singapore, this means no more having nothing to do on the weekends – we can now easily set the game up in your office parking lot, futsal ground, party location or in our own designated spaces!

The introduction of Wi-Fi

A Laser Tag setup is quite complicated due to the sheer number of equipment involved. There are many cases where the games were plagued by lags and signal losses which used to ruin the experience of the players. However, most of the companies managing Laser Tag have now shifted to Wi-Fi technology. With Wi-Fi, the range, service quality, reliability and the number of allowed players have at least doubled, which is a significant difference.

Expected developments in the future

The game is expected to grow more in the future because of the introduction of VR and AR technology. In countries like USA, UK, Germany, UAE, and Singapore, VR has already become a regular part of their entertainment experience, and many Laser Tag arenas have invested a lot of money in integrating this technology with their existing setup. In addition to that, new designs that are easy to use, lightweight equipment and improved safety features can be expected in the near future.