Things You Need To Know About Archery Tag

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Archery comes from the Latin arcus, which means ‘bow’ or ‘arch’. Originated in the later Paleolithic period, archery was primarily used for hunting and combat. Evidence of the first use of arrows and bows dated back In 2340BC. The Babylonians first used arrows as well as bows for warfare activities. Archery has undergone evolution over the years to become both a competitive and recreational sport. Bet you didn’t know, Archery is the national sport of the beautiful country of Bhutan, and that Archery used to be the only sport in the Olympics where female athletes could participate in.

Now, here are some myths you might have heard of, and we’re here to bust them!

Is it safe? It seems like a dangerous game!

Safety is our number 1 priority. Archery tag is simply like a dodgeball game, but with a twist, instead of using a ball, you will use our safe foam-tipped arrow! Additionally, all players will be required to put on a safety gear to protect themselves from incoming arrows.

Must it be played outdoors?

If you live in Singapore, you know how temperamental our weather can be – one moment it’s hot af, and it can be pouring heavily next. However, fret not! The archery tag can be customised based on your selected location so you can always enjoy your adrenaline filled team building activity both indoors and outdoors.

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Is archery tag a very strenuous game? My participants are not physically fit.

Not to worry! Archery tag is suitable for all ages and physical levels. Even if you have not exercised in the past year like how you consistently promised you would, it will still be a game that gets your adrenaline pumping, and may even check the box for your New Year’s resolution to exercise!

Do I need experience in playing Archery?

The best part about archery tag is that you do not require any experience to play! All you need to bring is your readiness to have tons of fun. Our bows and arrows are relatively light and we have experienced facilitators to introduce players the basics of archery – such as correctly holding a bow, bow-holding stances, postures while firing an arrow, and arrow-nocking procedures.

What can I get out of playing Archery Tag?

Archery tag is ideal not just for corporate team building events, but birthday parties too! Apart from having fun, archery tag encourages team members to collaborate, strategise and communicate effectively win their battles.