The 5 Worst Team Building Ideas for Singaporeans


The worst 5 team building ideas for Singaporeans

Aiyoh, you wan to do team building, must think carefully lah. If you're looking to plan a team building activity in Singapore, you better watch out for these five worst ideas that are sure to tank your team's morale.

1. A Presentation on Team Building

Having a presentation about team building is like saying "I know everything about building a team, and you all don't know anything." Confirm one kind of show-off and "kaypoh" (nosy) way of doing things.

Plus, presentations can be boring and one-way communication. The person giving the presentation might talk and talk, but the rest of the team might not have the chance to participate or give their own ideas. It can feel like being lectured at, rather than working together as a team.

Also, if the presentation is not engaging or interactive, the team members might not remember anything that was said. They might just sit there and daydream about their next meal or what they are going to do after work.

2. Trust Falls

Eh, don't play play with trust falls, okay? This team building activity where one person falls backwards and relies on their teammates to catch them may seem harmless, but it's at the very least uncreative and can be kinda dangerous if not done right. Plus, Singaporeans are not known to be touchy-feely people, so forcing them to catch their colleagues and hug it out can feel inauthentic.

your employee during a presentation on team building

3. Durian Eating Contest

Wah, you think durian is good for team bonding ah? Think again! Durian is smelly and not everyone can handle the taste. Can you imagine if one of your colleagues pukes all over the place? Confirm cannot tahan the smell and it will ruin the whole event. Better to stick with something less pungent like an ice cream eating competition or something.

4. Escape Rooms

Escape rooms may be all the rage now, but in Singapore where everyone is always in a rush, it's not exactly the best team building activity. You'll end up with colleagues getting frustrated and angry with each other for not solving the puzzles fast enough. Plus, it's not exactly cheap, and you'll be hard-pressed to find a venue that can accommodate a large group.

5. The Blame Game

One bad example of a role-play game for team building is "Blame Game" lah. You see, in this game, you got one person who acts as a leader and assigns tasks to the rest of the team. Then, the team members have to complete the tasks, but if anything goes wrong, they have to point fingers and blame each other for the failure. Instead of working together to solve problems, the team members end up focusing on blaming each other and trying to avoid being held accountable. Plus, it can lead to hurt feelings and damaged relationships between team members.

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