The Perfect Indoor Game For Any Event You Are Hosting

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Arranging an event which everyone enjoys is challenging, especially in a space-constraint city such as Singapore. However, games such as laser tag offer a whole new environment for everyone involved – showing just how easy it can be to host an awesome event that doesn’t break the bank!

The perfect indoor game

Rain or shine, indoor games are great for hosting your team-bonding events – popular choices such as bowling, badminton or escape rooms are all fun, but it can be hard to get everyone participating in a single game.

Laser tag; however, is free from all these limitations. In every session, almost everyone who wants to join can be included. For bigger groups, split into two or three teams and battle it out at an interesting version of the game called “Capture the flag”. There are no hard and fast rules for playing laser tag, which means that making your own variations is highly recommended, and no two games are ever the same!

Health & social benefits

Apart from being an awesome activity, laser tag possesses multiple advantages over other many other alternatives.

Did someone say cardio? laser tag players are required to constantly be on the move, jumping and whizzing around in order to come out on top. The equipment used for the game is completely safe, and since players are required to wear their protective gear throughout – there is no need to worry about injury.

In addition to that, playing laser tag is a great team bonding exercise that fosters teamwork and cooperation amongst the players. Not only are you training your hand-eye coordination and reaction time, you get plenty more health and social benefits from just a single game of laser tag.

Where to play

Singapore has its fair share of outdoor and indoor entertainment. However, they are either too costly, or are highly dependent on the weather conditions.

In a country where its either too hot or damp to go outside, indoor games and activities are perfect. laser tag in Singapore is getting more popular, and with the addition of new technologies, it will see even cooler versions in time to come. The added benefits of the game have also contributed quite a lot in making it a crowd-favourite amongst Singaporeans!

Laser Tag is a highly thrilling and enjoyable activity for people of all ages that does not cost much. In fact, a lot of industry leaders such as Google and Apple have admitted that laser tag is a great activity to improve relations between employees and alleviate their work stress.

Companies should periodically arrange more of such activities in their corporate events. Our company takes pride in arranging the perfect indoor games, such as laser tag and archery tag all around Singapore. If you want help in arranging your next event, just give us a call and leave the rest to us!