The Best Team Building Activities For Working Adults

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Laser Tag, Archery Tag

With so many commitments and stress to deal with on a daily basis – working adults tend to dread a team-building venture.

There is a reason why corporate team building activities in Singapore have been exploding in the last few years – largely due to its pros far outweighing its cons.

Therefore, before setting out to plan any team-building venture, take the time to study your group and understand their needs. The activity that you choose should ideally teach everyone how to work together, regardless of how they operate independently. If you run a company or a corporation – this is one of the most important skillsets that your employees need to have in order to be successful.

Here are our top list of team building activities for working adults:

Get to Know the Team

A team can be hard to work with when you hardly understand and know each other. Only when the barriers are down are they able to be comfortable and trust one another.

Easy games that help you get to know each other better is 2 truths 1 lie – where everyone has to share 3 facts about themselves, one of which is a complete lie.

Games such as this one is the perfect ice-breaker to learn more your colleagues and start of a team bonding session.

Human Knot

This one is simple to execute – team members simply stand beside one another with their shoulders touching, and must continue to do so while trying to sit down.

The tricky part is that their arms and shoulders have to be constantly touching – making it much harder for them to sit. Once they are able to do it in groups of 2, start to move on to groups of 4 and then 8, increasing the challenge as the number grows.

This is one of the simplest ways to show how teamwork is important in completing challenges both in, and outside of the workplace.

Tug of War

Tug of War is an all-time favorite – both with children and adults. Players are split into 2 teams, where everyone is required to pull in a united manner in order to successfully pull the other team past a designated line. A definite stress-buster game that strengthens both trust and friendship.

Laser Tag

Laser Tag is a popular game that is well-received and enjoyed by both the young and old! Suitable for all ages, laser tag involves guns with infrared beams – not to worry, the environment is usually primed and prioritized for safety. To win, simply eliminate the opposing team and come out unscathed!

Offering an entirely different environment to the one in the office, Laser Tag is the perfect activity for team bonding – bringing in hours of non-stop screaming, fun and excitement!

Archery Tag

Similar to laser tag, the aim of archery tag is to eliminate your opponents before they do. Besides being a great team bonding activity, archery tag comes with a ton of benefits – offering a stimulating, healthy activity that is a splendid way for teams to cooperate and join forces.

All of these activities are easy to play and very easy to set up.

But first, understanding why workplaces need to build a collaborative team is essential. If you are having problems in your workplace, you may want to consider carrying out a team bonding session – simply give us a call and we will help do the rest!