Air Force Cohesion


The RSAF is a First-Class Air Force and it plays an integral part of the nation’s defence force. Despite the development of cutting-edge technology comprising of new capabilities such as naval and attack helicopters, fighters, trainers and the Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs), the key factor of the success of the RSAF is the quality of the servicemen who are bonded by their common identity and core values to protect our nation.

Ultimately, the servicemen of different ranks were given the opportunity to interact, have fun and let loose outside their stringent workforce environment.Major Random

It is important to foster strong ties between the servicemen as effective human resource management of the force and their seamless integration will the RSAF be able to carry forth with their mission.

The boys battled against their opponents on the field as aggressively as they would against their enemies. They displayed resilience and team work, supporting each other with their brilliant strategic planning in the game of bubble soccer.