Surefire Ways To Boost Work Culture In 2020

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It is undeniable that molding the perfect work culture is an essential step now more than ever. This doesn’t matter whether you are a startup or a multinational corporation. Providing a high salary is just not going to cut it and we see that companies such as Facebook, Google putting in huge efforts and resources to shape the ideal working culture to attract top talents. However, it’s never too late to make some necessary changes. Here are 3 simple ways that can change your work culture for the better:

1. Address The Need For Diverse Teams In The Long Term

A diverse team is not just a fad. It’s a business necessity. Companies do not focus on having diversity for no reason. A research have shown that a diverse team is more effective/productive as it brings more to the culture table than any other measure. Team members also benefit from diversity by learning about different perspectives, ideas, and experiences which therefore results in them better solving problems than a more homogenous team of greater ability. With so many diverse minds coming together, multiple ideas will emerge. Every worker brings in their own way of thinking, operating and solving problems and making decisions.

2. Promote Collaboration Among Team Members

Over the last decade, we have witness major shifts to the corporate work culture. From building a culture of individual high performers to steering towards a team effort. This is further exacerbated by the current pandemic which the world is facing, forcing majority of employees to work remotely. Looking forward, we do not foresee this trend of distributed teams to die out soon. Here’s how you can foster team building so that your business can keep up with the “future of work”.

Use Collaboration Tools

The right collaboration tools will offer your teams a centralized solution where employees interact, share, update and execute the project they’re collectively working on.

Annual Team Building Activities

It is still essential in building the ideal company culture to interact with your remote employees once in a while (once or twice yearly). A yearly meet up ensures that the team members come together to bond over a few days of fun team building activities such as Laser Tag, Archery Tag and Bubble Soccer.

3. Recognize, Appreciate & Reward

Did you know? Disengaged employees are generally more likely to be less productive than those who feel like their efforts are valued and appreciated. The value of an engaged workforce for the work culture is far greater than you can expect because engaged employees feel happier, are more productive, and therefore perform better at work. Additionally, happy employees end up becoming the best company PR. Not only will it create a positive work environment but it also attracts and retains the best talents out there. This is why you rarely see Google employees hating on their companies – because they are happy. On the flip side, disengaged employees becomes toxic to your company culture. They not only bring the morale of the team down, they make the company look unattractive to work for.

Some simple tips to engage your employees include having to recognize and make them feel like their effort and the results are appreciated. Soon enough, you’ll start see high team morales. And when you reward good work, you actually show that you acknowledge and care.