Planning the Ultimate Kickass Birthday Party for Your Child

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As a parent, you’d want your child’s birthday party, be it their first or sixteenth, to be unique and memorable.

This is why Cohesion has broke it down to 5 easy steps for you to plan one kickass birthday party your kid is going to enjoy, minus all that unnecessary hassle. I mean, we’re all about coming together to having fun right?

1. Budget

The sky is your limit, that’s if you don’t limit your budget. Thus, if you don’t want to be faced with a hole in your wallet, you might want to set a realistic budget to set a basis and direction to the rest of the party planning. For a starter, you can build an Excel sheet to budget for components such as catering, cake & desserts and decorations.

Pro tip: If you start planning well before your child’s birthday party (1.5-2 months in advance), you may even save more decoration costs by getting them from TaoBao, Lazada or Shopee. Be sure to check on the estimated delivery time so that they’ll reach in time for the party!

2. Location

You might want to consider the following factors when choosing an ideal location for your child’s birthday party:

  • Size of guest list – You want to select a location that’ll comfortably host everyone.
  • Activity – What do you intend to do? Any running activities? For safety precautions, you might want to avoid spaces with many pillars. This is especially so if you have running activities.

Pro-tip: If you’re looking to minimise costs, you may consider the comfort and safety of your home. However, this also means additional preparation effort and post-event clean up.

3. Theme

Having a theme instantly spices your party up and ties everything nicely together! You can explore themes such as your child’s favourite movies or cartoon series or just about anything he/she likes. Ultimately, it’s your child’s birthday, so you want to involve them as much as possible in this phase.

To encourage participation of attendees, you may choose to incorporate a best-dressed competition so your guests will come in sync with your theme!

4. Games & Activities

Now comes the fun aspect of the party – also the make or break of any birthday parties. This is highly dependent on the age and interest of your child. Therefore, you might want to include them in the planning for games and activities. Provide them with some options and give them some say in their birthday party!

You may consider having entertainers such as balloon sculptors or magicians to keep the kids entertained. Other activities you may wish consider could include

You may consider having entertainers such as balloon sculptors or magicians to keep the kids entertained. Other activities you may wish consider could include Laser Tag or Bubble Soccer to keep their adrenaline levels high. Cohesion offers not just the above mentioned activities but a whole lot more herePlus point: It is also adult friendly, so parents may even join their children to have fun in the field.

5. Catering

After a long day of fun and laughter, a party is not complete without some delicacies to fill your guests’ tummy. The options are limitless! Potluck, buffet or BBQ? Most importantly, you want to keep in mind your guests’ dietary preferences and their allergies.

Pro-tip: Have a bit of everything so there’ll definitely something for everyone!

Does these 5 steps still seem overwhelming to you? Fret not, you can always consider getting a professional, like Cohesion, to aid the planning and execution of your child’s birthday party! So you can focus on having fun along with your guests.