Planning A Kids Birthday Party? 3 Reasons To Choose Laser Tag!

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Singapore Laser Tag Game

Planning a kids birthday party but have yet to find a suitable activity? Look no further! Laser tag is the perfect activity the kids to celebrate a special occasion, and immerse themselves in a safe yet authentic combat environment.

Every child is uniquely different, and this gets even tougher as your kids get older. But fortunately, we live in an era where there’re endless options for leisure activities. Here are 3 reasons why laser tag will be the ideal activity for your kid’s birthday parties.

1. Clocking Active Time

With such a wide range of advanced technology available, chances are that your kids spend bulk of their time keeping themselves entertained in front of their screens. And this means that is it more appealing for them to spend less time outside. At Cohesion, we have created the most immersive and engaging laser tag experience that will get your kids on their feet and active. With this, we can provide players with an authentic First-Person Shooter (FPS) experience as they embark on a day of realistic combat. Not only will your kids benefit from the fun of the activity itself, but they also get to enjoy a rare and unique opportunity to get away from their screens and be active!

2. Suitable For All Ages

When it comes to planning a kids birthday party, finding an activity that suits everyone’s needs and age can sometimes be difficult. Unlike other combat-style sports, laser tag uses tech-based weaponry, rather than projectiles. This means that it’s a lot safer, making it suitable for a broader range of age groups. The fact that laser tag is fitting for a variety of ages makes it ideal for inviting a wider range of your child’s friends – and bringing a few parents into the mix too. Laser tag thrives on technology and tactics – not strength and size – creating a more level playing field for kids and adults compared to other sports. It’s the perfect birthday activity, regardless of who you decide to invite.

3. Fortnite-Inspired Laser Tag

You must have heard your kids playing Fortnite – arguably the most popular video game at the moment. Thus, laser tag is the best way to get them engaged. Why? Cause it gives the kids the thrill of a real-life Fortnite experience but also allow participants to try out a range of playing styles.