Plan a Successful Team Building Event in 9 Easy Steps

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Whether it is that time of the year to organize a Team Building Day or just because you’ve seen every other company organizing one and you’d like to try it on your company, planning for team building activities can be a daunting task. Especially so when you need to juggling everyone’s expectation while ensuring that your objectives are met. So we’ve broken down this hard work to 9 steps to make your life a tiny bit easier.

1. Determine Your Timeline

The golden rule when it comes to planning for anything? The more time you give yourself to prepare, the easier it will be to plan. You don’t want to be caught in a situation where you frantically bang your laptop trying to find a venue or a bottled water supplier the night before the event.

We would recommend buffering at least four to six weeks to plan an activity for less than 100 people if you’re someone new to planning for such events. If your event is larger than that, try to have a minimum of four to six months. Once you’ve determined your rough timeline, we suggests creating a task list in Excel to plan your scheduling in granularity. A list like this can help you track when and who need to get things completed by.

2. Set Up Your Planning Team

If you think you’d be fine planning for a team building activity on your own, maybe you should think twice. We strongly suggest you against doing so, lest before you start going crazy and plucking your hair. Having a partner or team on this project will also allow you to create greater variety of activities and just having an extra pair of hands and eyes to help you manage this additional responsibility on top of your daily tasks, or if you just so happen to be out of office/sick on the event day.

3. Define Your Goal

This has got to be the MOST IMPORTANT part of the whole planning because everything falls back on this. Unless your boss or management has specifically defined the objectives of the team building event, you might want to create one before the whole planning process begins to ensure that the team building event is going to be both fun and effective.

You can start off with the 5W1H questions as a launch pad: Who? When? Where? What? Why? How?

When answering each question, try to be as specific as possible and answer with as much detail as you can. A sample objective can be as simple as “We want to our operations team of 50 to know each other better through physical activities at Sentosa on 30 June 2020 because there’re many new hires who has just joined the company“.

4. Put Together Your Guest List

Now you’ve got to decide who to invite. This falls back on 3 main factors – when the activity is held, is it compulsory and your budget. This can be limited to department level, or even engaging your whole company so that people can engage in a cross-department bonding.

5. Create a Detailed Budget

The best way to put together a realistic budget is to talk to your boss. Ask how much money is available for the event, and what the expectations are for the budget. If your boss doesn’t have a concrete number for you, ask about previous team building activities to get a sense of what the budget has been in the past. From there, you can align your costs for the upcoming event.

Also, before you start spending them all on your logistics and realize you don’t have enough for your catering, you might want to do some planning in advance. It’s safe to say these are where you’d be spending bulk of your budget on: Transportation and parking, venue booking and permits, activity providers, food and beverage and insurance. Remember to also have some buffer amount to cater for unforeseen circumstances.

6. Pick a Date & Time

Picking a date and time may seem easy at first, but you want to ensure that you take busy calendars into consideration before finalizing these details. This includes the key stakeholders who needs to be at the event. It is also crucial to take into account the seasonality/weather especially if you’re in Singapore. You don’t want to be playing under the rain during the monsoon season.

7. Choose a Venue or Location

The right venue or location can make or break your team building activity. Likewise, this depends highly on two factors – when your event is going to take place and the number of people attending. You don’t want to squeeze 200 people in a 200 sqft space. Other factors you may want to consider when choosing a venue may include the proximity of public transportation for those who do not drive and the availability of parking in the area.

8. Devise a Logistics Checklist

After laying the foundation, you can focus on the execution of the team building event. By putting together a detailed checklist, and you can help prevent important things from falling through the cracks on the day. Here are a few items to include in your logistics checklist:

  • Transportation – How will your employees go/leave from the event venue?
  • Food & Drinks – Will there be food or drinks?
  • Liability Waivers – Will participants need to sign a waiver/indemnity form to attend?
  • Accommodation – Will participants be staying at an off-site location overnight?
  • What to Bring – What do participants need to know in advance? For example, should they bring clothing for wet weather?
  • Special Circumstances – What arrangements are needed for employees with disabilities or injuries?

9. Develop an Event Day Agenda

Everyone will most likely want to know what they will doing on the event day. Therefore, an agenda can help you schedule out the day and easily communicate to your colleagues what will be happening during the event. The agenda should include the following:

  • Arrival and departure times
  • Meeting points
  • What will they be doing
  • Duration of the each activity

Sounds like a lot of work? Worry you can’t plan something that everyone will enjoy? Let us share some of your pain (steps 8 and 9 to be exact), while you just focus on having a worry-free and fun day bonding with your team. Cohesion offers a wide variety of games and we can customize it any way to fit your objectives! Contact our friendly staff here now!