Missing the Pantry? 4 Creative Ideas For A Virtual Team Connection

Mavis LUncategorized

The last few months have been about figuring out the changing landscape of work as COVID-19 has required many employees to work remotely.  And while there may still be logistics to work out, many people are starting to settle into this new norm. However, the longer this new normal of remote working goes on, the more important it will become to find to ways to build relationships and create meaningful connections. Here’re 4 valuable and refreshing way to connect with your team online!

1. Two Truths And A Lie

This is a classic and simple team building activity that can get really fun. All you need to do is get everyone to present two truths and one lie about themselves to the team. The rest of the team members will simply need to guess which statement is the lie. Simple as that! Of course do encourage your team to share really unique facts about themselves that not everyone would know. The more unexpected, the better it is! You can even share about something that happened when you were in kindergarten.

2. Whatcha Reading (or Watching)?

Ask team members to share the last non-work-related book they read (or article or podcast). I was inspired by the variety of interests and the fun learnings from our team. If you don’t read, which you should be, you can consider sharing the latest K-drama you’ve been indulging in.

3. Murder Mystery Game: Werewolf

Want to put your team’s detective skills to the test? Try out the telegram werewolf game. Simply look for @werewolfbot on telegram and follow the instructions on how to start the game. There’ll be one (or multiple) werewolves within the team with the mission to kill all the villagers (non-werewolves). However, non-werewolves may harness different powers/skills which can aid everyone to figuring out who the werewolves are. Simply, figure out and convince the team to lynch the werewolf and you win!

4. Team Building Phone Games (e.g. Family Style)

This can get a little messy. Download the game, go online and get everyone cooking and serving dishes. But, the catch is that you need different ingredients that someone is holding onto. Thus, it requires good communication skills and teamwork to get the right ingredients to the right chef before the timer runs out.