Laser Tag vs Paintball

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If you’re planning for your next company retreat or a regular team bonding activity, you’ve definitely come across the option of Laser Tag or Paintball. It’s a battle between old school versus new school. So, let us break break break it down whether Laser Tag or Paintball is the ideal game for your next team building activity in sunny Singapore!

Likelihood to feel genuine pain

We’re going to start off with one that’s pretty straightforward. Let’s see, when playing laser tag, you’ll get hit with lasers that you can neither see nor feel. While on the other hand, in paintball, only the very best can be seen at a pool for the next three weeks because everyone else has bruises all over their body.

Winner: Laser Tag

Best suited for Outdoor Events

Ok, now we’re getting interesting, because these are both very popular outdoor event options. But what if your event has both young and old participants? Considering the laser tag equipment on our site can be used by kids, we give the edge to laser tag.

Winner: Laser Tag

Best suited for Indoor Events

This is pretty obvious since paintball stains walls with ugly, hard-to-remove paint. Laser tag stains your walls with nothing but memories. You’d probably find a venue much easier with laser tag as part of your activity.

Winner: Laser Tag

Gameplay Variety

Nothing in the world of paintball can compete with the various styles of play that our Laser Tag gives players. You’re not restricted to simply one kind of game play. Read more about how you can add flavour to your laser tag game to learn about the different elements you can incorporate into your laser tag game to create a live-action video game adventure!

Winner: Laser Tag

So there you have it! Laser tag beats out paintball in a landslide 4-0 score! This totally unbiased research clearly shows that if you’re deciding between laser tag and paintball, it’s really not much of a decision. Unless, of course, you just want to feel the pain and face bruises caused by paintball games *weird much*. Then go with paintball. Otherwise, hit that “Request Quote” button in the top right corner of the page to get started on your laser tag event!