Interested In Archery? You Might Just Fall In Love With This

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Ever wondered how awesome it would be to be in a fantasy world where you owned a reputation as the best archer in town? Well, now you can experience all that in a safe and exciting environment with archery tag.

What is it?

Archery tag is a modern take on the traditional game of dodge ball where the rubber ball has been replaced by cushioned arrows and high-quality bows.

In this game of combat archery, the goal is to use your precision and agility with a bow and arrow in hand to shoot down your opponents in a set perimeter.

Points are awarded on the basis of your target-hitting ability. A single point is earned for every player that you pick off – while 2 points are awarded by either knocking over the targets at the opponent’s base or by catching an arrow mid-flight. In the end, the team or person with the most point wins.

Another popular rendition of archery tag is quite similar to an elimination style game of dodge ball. A player that has been hit by an arrow cannot join the game again unless his teammates either catch the opponent’s arrow or knock over a target at their base. The game only ends when there are no players left on a team.

What makes it so fun?

Archery tag is a combat level game that is extremely enjoyable for anyone.

It is especially revered by fans of popular fantasy series such as The Lord of the Rings and The Hunger Games, where they get to embrace their inner ‘Legolas the elf’ or District 12’s own ‘Katniss Everdeen’.

The game also has many health benefits – promoting a healthy lifestyle that is both fun and enjoyable, and can be great as a team building activity.

In many ways, the game is quite similar to laser tag the only difference being your weapon of choice and the added medieval and fantasy appeal of archery tag.

Where to play?

Similar to many countries around the world, archery tag in Singapore has been gaining the attention of young adults and people in their mid-20s.

Our company has experience in facilitating a fun-filled, team bonding activity that is bound to be unforgettable. We pride ourselves in transforming an ordinary day into an epic battleground for you and your friends. We will provide everything from protective equipment, to your bows and arrows.

If you are looking for an adrenaline-filled and exciting game, archery tag is definitely a great option for all ages. It is also relatively cheap when compared to other activities in Singapore – making archery tag one of the most sought-after activities to try with your friends, family and colleagues.