Impossible Goals

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What is an Impossible Goal?

An impossible goal is a goal you think you’ll never be able to achieve, something “out of your league”. Getting your mini start up listed, a multi-million company, or simply becoming a millionaire may be your life goal, but one “too big” that you never set out to achieve. Instead, you may end up believing that you should live your life contended in its current state.

Impossible goals (e.g. becoming a millionaire) often requires investing a lot of time, confidence, and hard work — to put this shortly, they are things that may challenge you and throw you out of your comfort zone. But when you think about the highest achievers, most of them had to put in the effort and believe in themselves when nobody else did.

Throwback to 1995 when everyone criticised and no one believed in the “internet store” that is known to be Amazon. Many thought it was impossible back then, but fast forward to today, Amazon is worth about $1.7 trillion. In other words, when you make your impossible goals a priority, you may be pleasantly surprised by your progress.

Why set Impossible Goals?

You may be thinking, “Why would I want to set a goal that is simply unachievable?”

Here’s the thing, when you set an impossible goal you have to expand your horizons, thinking and increase your motivation. They may seem like huge goals that are “uncheck-able” on your goals list, but what you may not know is that it’s the little things that can help you get there! Much like working on a huge project that your team wants to achieve before 2021 ends. It may seem out of reach for now, but with the constant help from your team chipping away at the tasks at hand, you could be getting closer than you think. So what are some other reasons for setting these goals?

  1. You may be pleasantly surprised with your progress
  2. Even if you do fail, you can still achieve smaller goals – shoot for the moon, even if you miss, you’ll land among the stars
  3. You may actually achieve the unachievable
  4. You may have a newfound outlook or motivation in life
  5. Do you really have anything to lose by trying?

So what’s stopping you now? Check out our article on How To Set Impossible Goals and create one today!