Identify Talents with Laser Tag

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Did you know, apart from having a ton of fun, Laser Tag also allows one to showcase and even hone some key soft skills? In this post, we’ll break down the top 5 soft skills required to dominate any Laser Tag game!

1. Creative Strategy & Forward-thinking Skills

The beauty of a laser tag game is not just about the fun, because real winners plan ahead. As the saying goes, if you fail to plan, you plan to fail. It is not so much about whether or not they win, but you want to keep your eye out for creative strategizers who comes up with unconventional strategies! These are important skills you want to bring back to the office.

2. Communication Skills

Now that someone’s done the strategy bit, everyone needs to gets the memo, and this bit takes some good communication skills to efficiently and effectively convey plans to everyone in the team in under 5 minutes. A good communicator can be seen to explain patiently, and even go to the extent of physically demonstrating key ideas so as to ensure everyone is clear of what the plan to win is. Keep your eyes peeled for such talents!

3. Teamwork

Even the best plans to win will go to waste if people do not work as a team – especially so in the game of laser tag. Through a game of laser tag, you’d be able to identify employees who persevere and motivate his/her teammates in times of hardship (losses).

4. Leadership

In a game of laser tag, you can surely identify someone stepping up to take on the role as a leader, leading the game plays. We’re not just talking about someone giving directions and strategising, but also getting his hands dirty to be a leader, not a boss. This person will be open to differing opinions and tries to include everyone in the game. He might or might not be the appointed team leader, but his skills will shine through the other team members.

5. Empathy

This may be something new. Through laser tag, you can identify an empathetic player. He understands or tries to understand what problems their team members are facing and tries to help them past it. For example, such players can be seen to identify players who are struggling with attacking its opponent and feeling really sulky about it. Instead of putting him or her down, he tries to understand what difficulties he/she’s facing and reassigns him/her to an alternative role – e.g. defending.

Maybe it’s actually time to reconsider including a Laser Tag game to your next team building day. You might just identify a gem within your team!