How Will Team Building Look Like Post COVID-19?

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Rather than expecting office life to “go back to normal” after the coronavirus, business and team leaders should be planning for what many are calling the “new normal.” So what does team-building after COVID-19 look like?

Physical distancing during team building activities

If you decide to proceed with conducting on-site team building activities, you should ensure that your team building activities adheres to safe physical distancing. Not to fret! Many traditional team-building activities, like quiz games, scavenger hunts, and music-based activities such as Haka can still effectively bring a team together while keeping individual members a safe physical distance from one another.

Keeping your team safe during an effective team building exercise

For starters, having a clean and sanitary team building space is paramount for all your employees. High touch items and surfaces should be regularly sanitised. Additionally, appropriate protective gear such as gloves and face masks should be readily available to any employee who wants to use it. If there’s any team members who are feeling unwell, they should be encouraged to stay home. But this doesn’t mean we leave them out of all the fun! They should be offered the option to stay engaged via online team building options. 

Lean into virtual team building

Work from home policies and arrangements will be more commonplace after the COVID-19 pandemic. With a mixed environment of remote and on-site workers, moving your team-building events to an online forum will make important bonding opportunities available to everyone, not just those who are building rapport with physical proximity. Luckily, the world of virtual team building is ever-expanding and ranges from trivia challenges to happy hours, and online games such as Among Us which everyone could partake remotely!

Of course, no one knows exactly what the world will be like once the current pandemic has flattened. Furthermore, there is no one-size-fits-all solution to returning to work. Therefore, it is important to stay open and flexible to new ways of doing things. By creating a sense of normalcy through team bonding activities, we may be able to create stronger teams despite physical distance.