How Well Do You Know Each Other?

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How Well Do You Know Each Other is an informal team bonding activity to get the team working together real quick, with a few laughs! It is also sometimes referred as “Two Truths & One Lie”. This is definitely the perfect game if you are looking for an icebreaker for people who already know each other. Participants also have the opportunity to be a creative as well as show off a little about themselves.


  • Having FUN at the start of a team building or workshop session using creative icebreaker questions
  • Raising the temperature and noise levels
  • Getting to better know each other
  • Developing some fun talking points that can be referred to during the rest of the event

Logistics Required

  • Humans *duh*
  • Post-it notes and marker pens for each participant with some spares just in case


The facilitator will brief and ask participants to take three post-it notes and write three statements about themselves, things no-one here knows about you, of which only one of them is true. For example, 

  • I broke my knee while rock climbing
  • I have never taken the MRT in my life
  • I used to represent Team Singapore in Archery

Every participant take turns to present their three statements to the other team members at their table but do not reveal which is true or false. 

The other participants each have one vote to select which of your three statements they consider is true.

If they get it right, they score a point. If they don’t, then you get a point. Keep a record of your scores. The highest score wins!

It’s just THAT simple!


  1. It helps to place the three post-its on the wall, whiteboard or table for consideration by the others.
  2. Let everyone make their selection before revealing which are false – ending up with the true statement.
  3. Ideally, all three statements should appear equally plausible to make the selections challenging!