How To Win Your Laser Tag Battles

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Singapore Laser Tag

Singapore Laser Tag

Recently, Cohesion Singapore has been experiencing a huge surge of laser tag bookings in Singapore. The uptick in our Singapore Laser Tag bookings have compelled us to write this article for the competitive in spirit.

There are typically 2 types of Laser Tag found in Singapore, “Indoor” and “Outdoor”. Without diving into the specifics, indoor laser tag in Singapore refers to the dark, air-conditioned and smoky maze. But today we are focused on Singapore Outdoor Laser Tag.

Singapore is hot, humid and sunny. This means that our laser tag equipment in Singapore is at a disadvantage outdoors. Our laser tag infrared will be weakened and the gun range is shortened.

Now, here are some tips on how we can overcome this problem and emerge victorious in a game of outdoor laser tag in Singapore.

  1. Shoot continuously at a target. Reload and shoot, reload and shoot. Don’t bother “saving” your ammo. You have unlimited ammo!
  2. Keep on moving. Oftentimes we see too many Singapore Laser Tag players staying in one spot throughout the game. This is not the best tactic and the round is dragged on. Causing precious minutes of laser tag. Be bold and move from cover to cover constantly.
  3. Dress in dark clothing. Research shows… Nah, you don’t need research to know that dark clothing helps you to camouflage better.
  4. Keep low and keep your body square. This will minify your frame and make you a smaller target. Enemies might not notice you moving from cover to cover.
  5. Have fun. Seriously, don’t get too serious, it’s just a game. Often, serious teams usually get too competitive and end up losing the games. They allowed winning to get in their head and lose control of themselves and start making silly mistakes.

So there you have it. These are advice that Cohesion offers all Singapore Laser Tag fans. Have a great game. And may the force be with you.