How to plan a full day of team building in Singapore

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Team building is an essential component of any organisation, as it is a key driving factor in improving productivity, employee morale and overall job satisfaction. 

Has your team been putting in long strenuous work hours? If so, full day events are a great and effective way to maximise the benefit of team building, as they offer ample time for your employees to connect, learn, and grow. In this guide, we will explore the steps you need to take and plan a successful day of team building in Singapore.

Step 1: Setting goals and objectives

Before you begin planning your event, it is important to have clear goals and objectives in mind. Having clear goals will help you choose the right activities and ensure that your event is aligned with your company's overall mission and values. 

Some common goals and objectives for team building include:

  • Improving communication & collaboration
  • Fostering Creativity & Innovation
  • Enhancing leadership skills
  • Improving bonds between team members
  • Boosting productivity

Step 2: Choose the right activities

After deciding your goals and objectives, you should begin to work on deciding on which activities are right for your event. 

Factors to take into consideration include:

  • Size of your group
  • Level of physical activity
  • Length of your event

Step 3: Plan the schedule

Create a balanced and engaging schedule and include all the events and activities that will be completed during the day. Your schedule should take into consideration the different aspects of the days including lunch, breaktime, how long the activities will take. 

Bonus tip:

Include time for icebreakers and team building exercise in between activities to help participants bond and connect.

Step 4: Organising logistics and resources

When organising a full day of team building, it’s important to ensure that logistics and resources are well handled to ensure a smooth and enjoyable event for all participants. 

Here are some of the factors to consider:


If you are planning to hold your team building at a location outside of your workplace, transportation should be arranged for all participants. The size of the group and distance to the venue should be considered when planning transportation. 

Possible transportation options include:

  • Carpooling
  • Bus rental 
  • Taxi

Providing meals and refreshments are essential for a full day event. Food options should be planned based on available budget and food preferences. You may opt for catering, potluck, or order in food from local restaurants. 

Bonus Tip:

Make sure to accommodate any dietary restriction and meal preferences

Equipment rentals:

Remember to rent, source or purchase equipment required for the different team building activities you are doing. Always ensure that it is working by testing them out before the start of the event to avoid any potential technical issues. 

Bonus Tip:

You may save on equipment cost by asking participants to bring equipment from home

Step 5: Facilitating the event

No amount of planning can help with poor execution. Facilitation is without a doubt one of the most important factors to ensure the success of your event. Consider assigning a facilitator or team of facilitators to lead your activities and manage group dynamics. 

Facilitators should always take charge of encouraging participation and feedback from all participants, and promote collaboration and communication throughout the event.

Step 6: Wrapping up and evaluation

After your team building event, it is important to debrief and assess its effectiveness. One way to do so is to get participants to fill in a feedback form to provide thoughts and feedback about the event. 

Another way to wind down the event, can also come in the form of a reflection session. Where participants sit in a circle and discuss what they have learnt throughout the day.


A full day of team building can have significant benefits for your organisation. From improving communication and collaboration to enhancing leadership skills. We hope that the six steps listed would be of use to you and will enable you to better plan a successful team building event in Singapore. Remember that the essence of team building should always be about fostering a fun and productive work environment. 

Wishing you and your team: Happy team building!