How to Fall in a Bubble Soccer Suit

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If you’ve ever tried Bubble Soccer, you’d understand how falling gracefully in a bubble soccer suit is a skill. Therefore, regardless if it was an intentional or an unintentional accident, here are our top 3 ways to fall in a bubble soccer suit safely, so as to prevent any major balukus.

#1: Don’t fall in the bubble soccer suit

Once you’ve suited up, you should try to establish some sort of balance. Try staying on your feet and walk around as much as possible to get the hang of it. Although it might be a feat to remain standing when your opponent bumps you, it definitely saves a whole lot of energy than trying to get back up after tumbling over. Remember to always keep a lookout for your sneaky opponents so that you can adequately brace for bumps!

#2: Aim to fall onto another bubble

If you know you’re definitely going to fall, try to fall or bounce off your nearest opponent’s bubble. You not only get to “attack” your opponent, but it also means that you won’t fall entirely onto the ground, making it a whole lot easier to get back on your feet with your feet is still grounded! #hacks

#3: Get back up by facing the ground

Time is crucial in every match! Thus, you want to get back on your feet as fast as possible. Try to get back up by facing the ground. You can then kneel on 1 knee and use it to push yourself up. You will soon realise that this is far more efficient. But, a good balance is still required as the weight of the bubble soccer suit might throw you off a little!

With all these tips to fall efficiently in your bubble soccer suit, maybe it’s time to put them into practice with Cohesion! Not only is it a meaningful team building activity, it sure brings loads of fun and laughter to any birthday parties! Approach our friendly staff here to learn more about how Cohesion can customise a Bubble Soccer game to fit your requirements.