Guide To The Best Virtual Onboarding

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Joining a new team, especially remotely, can be terrifying. Furthermore, with remote onboarding being a relatively new thing, there isn’t much playbooks you can reference/replicate from. However, it is still essential to offer a seamless onboarding experience as an employer to retain top talents. It’s like what they say – it’s the first impression that counts! At the end of the day, fostering a sense of connection doesn’t just lead to better retention rates, it inspires your employees to do their best work. Here are some tips to help you create a strategic online onboarding process.

Appreciation gift

Welcome your new joiners with a little appreciation gifts! Onboarding virtually is already distant, and removes the warmth that the team would potentially exude. Therefore, having little welcome gifts, regardless the value, makes them feel valued and appreciated when joining a new environment.

Keep it interactive

An online onboarding process isn’t purely a one-way paperwork, or at least it shouldn’t be. Instead, think out of the box by incorporating interactive and fun methods to share your company’s policies. This can be in the form of interactive videos and quizzes. This will certainly help keep your new joiners engaged through dry and lengthy contents.

Videos over words

There’s a lot of information a new joiner will need to absorb and learn. But rather than holding multiple explanatory meetings, you can explore condensing the content with a single video, which is also great for engagement and scalability. Not only will you get a happily engaged employee, you can also reuse this content with future new joiners. This helps to save time and resources needed for onboarding – a win-win situation!

Bring the whole team together, no matter where they’re located

COVID-19 has definitely made onboarding exceptionally tough. However, strong relationships are critical to a new hire’s experience. The more connected they feel, the more likely they are to stay on the team longer and doing their best. Therefore, you should invest in team building to deepen trust and collaboration among members of your team. Try a virtual or hybrid team-building activities to keep company culture alive. Not only will new joiners benefit from this, existing employees will too!