Fun Facts about Bubble Soccer

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Bubble Soccer has got to be the most enjoyable foot-ball game – it’s as if classic soccer and sumo wrestling had a baby. Try imagining the hilarious view and feeling of running around in a gigantic inflatable bubble with only the lower part of your legs hanging out. Fun, laughter and collisions just the common trademarks of bubble football. 

Did you know? Bubble Soccer started off as a joke! 

In Norway, two best friends, Johan Golden and Henrik Elvestad, decided to experiment with something new and exciting. Little did they know that what they started as a joke would grow to become one of the most loved and exciting sports in the world. Today, Bubble soccer has racked up so much popularity that some states even organize Bubble Soccer Tournaments and World Cups. 

A YouTube video shot the Bubble Soccer to fame

In 2013, an Italian bubble football operator posted a video of the game play on YouTube which led to the chain of sharing and positive reactions from people all over the world. 

It’s a full-body workout

Think Bubble Soccer all just about running around kicking balls in goofy suits? Think again. Running around with the bubble might not be as effortless as you think. It’s about running around with the weight of the bubble, maintaining your balance, recovering from a fall and colliding with somebody that makes it effectively an arms, back, legs and core day all in one! You might just be able to lose a kilogram or two from a day of playing. 

Bubble Soccer is the safest contact sport

Unlike most sports with little to no contact allowed, Bubble Soccer is a full-on contact sport. This makes it the best chance for you to tackle your opponents to the ground. Not to worry, Cohesion’s bubble suit are designed to cushion your falls so you can have fun in maximum safety! So, watch your back the next time playing in the field.

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