Four Birthday Party Ideas for the Adventurous at Heart!


Four Birthday Party Ideas for the Adventurous at Heart!

As you’re turning another year older and wiser, it’s yet again time to plan your special day! We’re sure you’ve celebrated your birthday many times in various different ways, but if you’re in search for the next big thing for your adventurous soul, we have just the list for you. Put aside the plans for a quiet night in or the standard staycation. Here are some birthday party ideas that will certainly provide a memorable day with family and friends, as you celebrate your special day with that extra dose of adrenaline.

1. Laser Tag

Let’s face it, holding a gun and shooting things just makes you feel like a boss. Now you get to do so at Cohesion Sg with a game of Laser Tag as you and your friends run around an arena shooting laser beams at each other. Sound fun? It’s actually a lot more intense than that! With specially powered rifles with infrared technology, experience the exhilaration of this thrilling game with a modern combat touch. It also makes you look super cool!

2. Treetop Obstacle Course

At Forest Adventure in Bedok reservoir lies a treetop escapade for only the bravest and the strongest. With 44 different obstacle courses made up of high platforms and narrow crossings, you even get to feel like Tarzan with the big swing that overlooks the gorgeous greenery of the reservoir! Each course ends with an exciting zip line that will give you the feeling of soaring over the skies. What a way to spend your birthday!

3. Bubble Soccer

It’s everyone’s favourite sport but with a wicked twist! At Bubble Soccer, you get to play a game of soccer in a full on bubble armour suit. As you try to kick the ball and bump your friends out of the way, you can also test your physical strength and endurance all while laughing at your friends knocked over. This is both a great workout and a guaranteed good laugh to spend your birthday having! As a team sport, you’ll get to bring the whole gang along. Imagine all the great laughs you’ll have!

4. Go-Karting

If you have the need for speed, or have always looked up to Lewis Hamilton or Michael Schumacher, then do we have the activity for you! At the KF1 Karting Circuit, you too will get the chance to drive like a professional racer. Though the experience doesn’t come cheap, it does sound like an event to remember with awesome features like floodlit night racing and live lap timing systems. You can even get customised trophies to take home!