Excellent Team Building Ideas for Company Team Bonding

Xavier ChngBlog

Much of the greatest achievements accomplished by man has been at the hands of a team. Without teams, the world would not function. And, in the workplace, nothing can get done effectively without great teamwork.

Promote teamwork in the office or workplace is not challenging at all. There are many team building activities in Singapore to choose from that can make even the weakest bonds among team members strong!

Here are a few tremendous team-building ideas that you can use to make your corporate team a force to be reckoned with!:


Office Trivia

Trivia games are not only fun, but they also get the thinking juices flowing and increases productivity.

Before game time, compile a list of questions related to the company, some of the employees, pop culture questions and even general knowledge questions. Then figure out a points systems and the rewards for the winning teams.

To play this game, you will need to split your employees into groups of three or four, depending on the number of persons present. Then, ask each group to come up with a funny group name and sit together.

Explain the instructions, introduce the rewards and set some game rules. This activity will encourage positive competitiveness in the workplace while encouraging team members to work together.

Two Truths & A Lie

This classic game is best played in smaller groups between coworkers who know each other. (Or at least think they do). The rules are simple, lay out some chairs in a circle and have everyone write down two truths about themselves and one lie on a piece of paper. Going in a clockwise direction, ask each player to read what they have written and ask the other players to guess which statement is a lie. The person with the highest points can even be given a token.

This allows the other co-workers to discover things about their coworkers that they did not previously know, thereby allowing them to relate to each other and form bonds.

Human Knot

This game can be a little tricky, so read the instructions carefully.

Ask your employees or coworkers to stand in a tight circle. Then ask them to use their right hand to grab the hand of a random person. (This person should not be the one beside them, but someone opposite from them) The left hand should be used to hold the hand of another person until the hands form a sort of knot. Then, ask the group to untangle themselves without releasing their hands from the other person.

If the circle is too large, it can be quite tricky. Try splitting them into smaller groups and have the groups compete to see who can become untangled first.

This is a great team building activity as it encourages communication among group members. It also encourages them to work quickly.


Laser Tag

If your employees are tired of the office space, then take them out of it! Have them compete in a laser tag game.

Laser tag is an excellent alternative to paintball as, unlike paintballs which can sting when persons are shot, laser tag is pain-free and mess free!

The objective is to work in teams and take down as much of the enemy as possible within a specified period. This encourages teamwork and communication.

Scavenger Hunt

Scavenger hunts are simple, easy and cheap to set up and everyone will have a great time. Assign each employee to a group then give them a sheet of things they must find or a list of tasks to complete. This can be anything from finding a hidden red ball or taking a picture with the boss. The team that completes the most items by the deadline is the winner!

Bubble Football

If your employees are already fans of football and outdoor activities, they will love bubble football. This involves each player wearing a bubble suit while they try to score goals during a football match. And though this makes it a bit difficult, it is fun to bump into each other and gang up on the enemy team in the name of excellent, clean, friendly fun.

There are many more team building activities that you and your co-workers can do in Singapore that are simple and won’t take too much out of the company budget! Just do a quick online search and sign your team up today!