COVID-19 Phase 2 Is Back, What Now For Team Building Activities?

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Rules on social gatherings has started to tighten starting 8 May 2021 (Saturday), as Singapore takes stricter measures to stop the spread of Covid-19 in the wider community. These measures will be in place until May 30. Here are some of the measures:

1. Social Gathering In Groups of 5

Everyone will be allowed to gather only in groups of five, down from eight previously. These restrictions also apply to households, which will only be able to receive five unique visitors a day as announced by the Ministry of Health.

2. More People Working From Home

Additionally, more people will be required to work from home. Under this new restriction, only a maximum of 50% of employees who are able to work from home should be in the office at any one time, decreased from 75% previously.

3. Events

To minimise the risk of large clusters forming, local authorities has also reduce the maximum number of people allowed at events, such as live performances at designated venues and pilot business events, from 750 to 250.

So what does this mean for Team Building activities? Well, for a starter, team building activities will likely be postponed, or shifted online temporarily. Let’s just hope that the COVID-19 situation will ease by this month so that social gatherings and team building activities can resume safely as it did in Phase 3! Till then, check out some of our online team building games that you can host safely during this period.