A Must Try Arcade Game For Singaporeans Of All Ages!

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Laser Tag, Archery Tag

Are you bored out of your mind and tired of going to the movies all the time? With the temperamental climate in Singapore, it can be challenging to constantly find options for a better, more entertaining and challenging way to spend your free time.

That being said, we might just have the solution that you are looking for.

Laser Tag and Archery Tag are two unique games which fully engages its players, both physically and mentally. A single session demands creativity and teamwork – making them an intriguing and entertaining game that will entrance you for hours!

What are they?

Laser Tag essentially uses guns that shoot infrared beams to target infrared-sensitive targets, i.e., the players.

On the other hand, Archery Tag is much traditional in that it uses the classic bow and arrows instead – hitting targets in a confined, designated space.

In both games, the most common game-play scenario is simply to eliminate your enemies, hitting players from the opposing team in order to earn the most points.

Laser Tag is ideal for people who are huge fans of the sci-fi genre, and are inspired by the likes of Star Wars and Star Trek. If you’re a fan of any medieval TV series or movie instead, then Archery Tag is sure to tickle your fancy.

An ideal way to kill time, no matter your age

Not every indoor game is exciting for everyone.

While bowling might be fun for most teenagers and adults, it might not be as enjoyable for someone who finds it too difficult to play. Other activities, such as racket games also do not include everyone.

However, games like Laser Tag and Archery Tag are proving that it is possible to cater to everyone in a group. Allowing you to face off against one, two, or even three teams at the same time – both are guaranteed to flex both you phyical and mental muscles to the max!

Moreover, the possibilities of creating different and interesting scenarios and game-plays ensures that you are never playing the same game twice!

Other benefits

Both these indoor games come with many advantages. Not only are they great for entertaining a large group for hours at a time – they also bring about plenty of health benefits, such as improving eye-hand coordination and overall agility.

And did we mention that these games are the perfect way to relieve stress? Families, friends and colleagues can all use these games to bond in a completely safe and immersive environment.

Laser Tag and Archery Tag should definitely be on your team-building list – facilitating creativity, leadership skills and problem-solving all in one session.

So, if you’re looking to set up a game of either Archery Tag or Laser Tag – give us a call and don’t miss out on this must try experience!