7 Winning Tips to Boost Team Motivation

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Matthew Woodring once said, “If you take out the team in teamwork, it just work. Now, who wants that?” In any business, success is typically the result of many talented and dedicated minds working together towards the same goal.

Leading a team to greatness is certainly not an easy feat. Each day everyone faces new challenges, uncertainties and stress. These will naturally have an impact on their morale and motivation. Therefore, as leaders, inspiring and motivating teams and keeping team morale high should always be a top priority. Here are 7 ways to boost your team’s morale, especially so during this pandemic while everyone’s working remotely from home.

1. Celebrate & Recognise

Recognition is the secret to every successful team’s motivation. Timely and meaningful recognition is a powerful tool to inspire your team. Take time to celebrate both big and small wins in the workplace. It can be as simple as a personalized note of appreciation, a shout out on the internal portal or bringing every member together for a team lunch, the aim is to highlight and recognise how their effort made a difference to the team in a genuine and substantial manner.

2. Collaboration over Competition

In the past, workplaces was a warzone where employees compete against one another to produce the best results or output. This makes the workplace a hot-bed for hostile relationships and conflicts.

However today, in a collaborative workspace, it is believed that collaborations can instead do greater wonders. This is where employees do not hoard off each other’s ideas. Instead, they uplift one another and are more focused on the greater goal. It is all about the teamwork and the greater good. The result,  a pool of ideas, resources, and perspectives. This can together lead to improved results and a healthier bottom line. More and more organizations should mold their cultures into collaborative ones to organically boost team motivation and camaraderie.

To better hone your team to work together and collaborate effectively, don’t forget about team building activities such as laser tag or archery tag. This brings the team out of the workplace setting and get them to have fun while strategizing, working together to defeat their opponents.

3. Team Building Activities ARE A MUST

For a team to work together and deliver desired results, it is important that they are in sync, knowing one another’s strengths and weaknesses. A great way of strengthening teams and bringing teams closer is through a game or two of team building activities. Team building activities are nothing but quick games and exercises that are suitable to be done in the workplace or with work teams. They present a great way for employees to know each other better. Apart from providing your employees a great time, these activities will also inculcate skills that they can use both in their professional as well as personal life.

Check out Cohesion’s wide variety of team building activities such as laser tag, archery tag and bubble soccer.

4. Supportive Working Environment

If you want teams to thrive, you must give and help them grow. Pay greater attention to whether your employees are able to achieve their personal goals. You should also provide them with assistance and opportunities to hone new skills or improve existing skills. Additionally, establish a rapport with your team members, let them feel comfortable approaching you at any time with their problems or concerns.

5. Encourage Creative and Innovative Thinking

Your employees should feel comfortable to think and innovate creatively at the workplace. I mean, you hired them for their unique and special traits. When you encourage open dialogue, employees get to explore their potential and think out of the box. Don’t impose your ideas on them. Let the ideas flow and let it bounce off everyone. You’d be surprise at the final outcome. This may help to unlock untapped opportunity for business innovation and growth.

6. Transparency and Fairness

The key to retaining top talents is giving their very best on the job. When you set your employee’s salaries, be sure to be fair and consistent with the numbers. Most conflicts and confusion arise when there is no clarity about what is happening in the organization at the highest level. Making employees feel involved in big company decisions as well as including them in the decision-making process can immensely help in sustaining team motivation.

7. Create Pleasant Working Space

You often tend to overlook the importance of good design on the motivation of members of your team. Our workplace environment has a huge impact on the state of our minds. You’d wanna create an enjoyable work space where employees actually look forward to coming back to. The vibe of the workplace is dependent on a lot of factors such as noise, air quality, privacy, natural light, etc. The workplace should also have well-designed co-working spaces and areas to relax. If you have that extra budget, consider having an in-house gym area and a loaded snack station at work. You’d be amaze at the wonders these simple change can do for team collaboration. I mean, look at Google, Facebook, Shopee and SGAG. Nuff said.