7 Leadership Qualities to Make a Good Leader

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1. Communication

Top on the list, we have communication. If you’re in a leadership role, good communication skills are absolutely crucial. Being open to discussing issues, solving problems or forming objectives with employees are all vital elements of good leadership. A leader will also have to chair team meetings, give persuasive presentations and liaise effectively with clients.

2. Integrity

C.S. Lewis once said: “Integrity is doing the right thing, even when no one is watching.”

Real success is not possible without integrity. You’ve got to lead by example! You can’t expect your followers to be honest when you lack integrity yourself. You know you have succeeded as a leader when you stick to your word, live by their core values, lead by example, and follow-through.

Here are some examples that you can look for in people with integrity:

  • Apologising for their mistakes
  • Highlighting the work of their employees and downplaying their own contributions
  • Being appreciative of people’s time

3. Trustworthiness

Having integrity as a leader leads to having your employees, clients and partners believe in you. If employees are uncomfortable or unwilling to approach you as a leader, then the trust between the leader and the team is broken. However, when employees believe in their leader’s integrity, this can be amplified as a result of honesty and accountability in the workplace as a whole. A trusted leader is definitely going to make your business progress more effectively and efficiently.

4. Empathy

A true leader has enough open-mindedness to understand their employees’ motivations, hopes, dreams, and problems so that they can forge a deep personal connection with them. It’s not just about being a nice person, but more of understanding and building a meaningful relationship. This is enables leaders to:

  • Make better predictions
  • Improve corporate strategies
  • Increase creativity

Understanding the story behind your employees help to create a more human environment where team members are more productive. For example, if there’s a drastic decrease in your employees’ productivity, a good leader wouldn’t be quick to punish them right away. Instead, try to understand the reason contributing to them! Maybe they’re dealing with a personal struggle at home or health issues. Real leaders are empathetic with their teams and deeply understand their motivations.

After all, what’s more important to human communication than understanding others?

5. Resilience

The true grit of a leader is not how they act during good times, but how they roll up their sleeves and get their hands dirty with the team when times get difficult. Great leaders with positive attitudes lead by example and rally their team no matter the circumstances. It’s this inherent positivity that helps react to situations with a calm, collected manner and focus on solutions rather than on problems. Resilience is a leadership trait that comes with experience.

6. Responsibility

As a leader, it is no doubt that the responsibility for both failures and successes of your team or project lies on your shoulders. This means taking full ownership for the actions taken by yourself or your team. This includes the willingness to accept blame and actively seek solutions when required.

7. Decisiveness

At times, you meet with a crisis that doesn’t give you the luxury of time to conduct a root cause analysis, or follow protocols. Therefore, it is crucial that a good leader knows and is able to make a swift and efficient decision to prevent interrupted schedules. Additionally, this ties back into the point on responsibility – to own the decision you or your team has made and follow through them!

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