6 Steps To Navigate Around Impossible Goals

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In our last article, we discussed about what is an Impossible Goal. So, why set your sights on hard goals? This is because everything feels out of reach until you do it. All it takes is motivation and determination to achieve the impossible. But, how do you go about achieving it? Let’s discuss about the 6 steps you can take to achieve that Impossible Goal!

Step 1: Mapping Out Your Impossible Goal

You need to first identify what is it that you want to achieve. Whip out your journal and start asking yourself some of these questions:

  • What do you find yourself daydreaming about?
  • Do you want to afford that house you’ve always dreamt about?
  • Are you hoping to turn your side hustle into a full-time job?
  • Do you want to list your company?

Jot all these “daydreams” down and this map this to the perfect action plan to achieve each goal.

Step 2: Mapping Action Plans & Getting The Simple Things Right

You have started with the big “unachievable” goal, now break it down into mid- and short-term goals that is more actionable then assign each action plan a deadline. This will push you to get closer to your goals. For example, saving $10,000 this year may take more than your current monthly earnings. To achieve this Impossible Goal, you may start to identify alternative passive incomes. If that side hustle is to conduct private tuition lessons, then start identifying what resources you require to be a tutor. 

Step 3: Believe and Act Like Your Future Self

Start thinking and acting like your future self. Picture yourself with a certain home, financial portfolio, or how your business is aimed to operate like. If your small start up wishes to become an industry leader, then start acting like them! Your future self may invest, but your current self is too intimidated to start. To act like your future self, consider doing the research and finding low-risk investments that suit you, your lifestyle and your budget.

Step 4: Don’t Be Afraid To Fail, Learn From Your Mistakes

When working towards your Impossible Goal, you are bound to hit roadblocks and experience failures. However, don’t be fazed by it and accept it gracefully! There is no such thing as failure, instead it is just life trying to move us in another direction. While failure may happen, you’re able to learn from it and pivot. Instead of being stuck in your failure, analyse what went wrong, what worked, what didn’t and what you can do better to prevent this obstacle.

Step 5: Consistently Track Your Progress

Check in with yourself regularly! Conduct monthly “audits” with yourself, or your stakeholders to see how far you have progressed, and if you’re on track to your Impossible Goal. Find a system that works for you and note your growth at the end of each period. If you’re putting in the time and hard work, you’ll get closer to your goals in no time.

Step 6: Practice Patient 

Setting goals may be exciting and motivating, but when you’re faced with failures, you may feel hints of disappointment. To avoid a failure slump, you will need to practice patience and remain open to learn from your mistakes. If you reach your didn’t reach your Impossible Goal to make what you wanted from your side hustle the first year, at least you closer than you were last year.

Now that you’ve discovered the steps to reach your Impossible Goal(s), what is that Impossible Goal that you’re setting to achieve? Try it out yourself today!