5 Types of Employees In A The Bubble Bump Game

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Think you actually know your colleagues? Check them out on the Bubble Bump Pitch! They personality might actually surprise you. We have categorised the 5 common personalities we see most frequently on the pitch which might actually resonate to you or your colleague.

The Overly-Enthusiastic 

This is the individual who’d never run out of energy and enthusiasm. Additionally, he/she can’t seem to be on the same wavelength as the others. Bringing this spirit into the Bubble Soccer game and you’d see him working hard, trying to get everyone’s ass moving, hyped up and fighting for the win. But whether or not he could inspire his teammates is a whole other issue.

“If You Fail To Plan, You Plan To Fail” Guy

This is the self-appointed “leader” who starts researching for tip and tricks to strategise his game days or even weeks in advance. He believes that by doing so,¬† he/she knows the secrets behind the game and will ask for his/her team’s trust to be placed upon him. More than half the time, the team suffers complete confusion on the pitch. Therefore, we advise to just have fun, keep it simple and the result will take care of itself.

The Ronaldo

Every team will witness a guy who seemed to have been well-trained in soccer. Some clear traits include them having to show off his/her ball-handling stunts. But just as he/she dons the Bubble, he/she will try their best to no avail. Well ultimately, this is a game of bubble bump, and not soccer.

The Hulk

Although rarely seen, but once every blue moon, there will be this quiet person who becomes the center of attraction on the Bubble Soccer pitch. He/she just seem to have everything under control and sweeping everyone off their feets. Maybe all it takes is a Bubble Soccer game to showcase his other personality eh?

The Blur Sotong

A common catch phrase of a blur sotong include “Which side am I supposed to be scoring the goal ah?” This blur sotong is notoriously known to just be BLUR. These are the people who would really crack the team up and make a team less tensed. I mean it’s important to strike a good balance since we’re all out on a team building day right? Plus, you might just have the best laughs with something a blur sotong did!